Geneva: Top things to do and see

Geneva is like everything in Switzerland an expensive experience. Doubtlessly, the city is one of the most beautiful ones Switzerland has to offer. Even though staying, eating and shopping is anything but cheap, sightseeing is for free if you decide to walk. However, you still need to know what to do and see best in Geneva.

  1. Admire the Jet d’Eau, Geneva’s landmark

The Jet d’Eau is the touristic landmark of Geneva. At night, the fountain is enlightened with different colors which makes it more interesting.

Jet D'Eau and Art

It may be interesting to know that the water has a speed of 200 km/h when it comes out.

  1. Stroll around in Geneva’s old town

With small streets and mostly historical buildings, Geneva’s old town is exciting to explore!

Place and Cafés

But be aware of the differences in altitude – discovering will get strenuous from time to time.

  1. Visit the Reformation Wall

Reminding of the international effects of the Genevan reformation, the Reformation Wall is a monument of a historical event.

Reformation Wall 2

Even though it looks pretty old, it has actually been created in the early 20th century.

  1. Let the Flower Clock show you what time it is

Originally being constructed to remind of the Swiss tradition of watch-making, the Flower Clock is an unordinary way to tell the time.

Flower Clock

Similarly to the Jet d’Eau, the Flower Clock is enlightened in the dark.

  1. Stroll along the Rhône

The Rhône is a river flowing through Geneva. When taking a walk next to it, it is enjoyable to watch seagulls “fighting” for food.

Seapull 3

Moreover, the buildings on the other side of the river provide panoramic views!

  1. Glance at Cathédrale Saint-Pierre Genève

Accordingly to the Reformation Wall, the cathedral is also Protestant. Being “hidden” in the old town, it is probably that it will be found anyway – with or without searching for it.

Even though being pretty big, it is not as pompous as most catholic pendants.


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  1. I did all those things while in Geneva! And something that helped with cost was Couch surfing! We stayed with the lovliest young couple whose apartment had a view of the mountains! I definitely want to go back!

    I hope you had a cheese fondu while you were there!

  2. I’m dying to head to Geneva, I’ve been going to Switzerland every summer to visit Zurich for the last few years, but I’ll definitely make a point of heading over to the French side this summer. Lovely post!

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