Hotel Review: Novotel Szczecin

Novotel Szczecin is one of only few four star hotels in Szczecin. The city which is neither a business hub nor a destination for sightseeing has not many good hotels. If you’ll visit Szczecin nevertheless, the Novotel Szczecin is a very good choice for your stay. Especially taking into account that the rates are usually very low, the Novotel Szczecin is a great choice!

Polish hotels offer a very good value for the money in general. There are several four and five star hotels throughout the country which are mostly operating under the name of one of the important international brands.

  • Classification: Four Star
  • Room Category: Standard Room
  • Month of Stay: June

Novotel Szczecin is one of these hotels. It is operated by a Polish company, but marketed by Novotel only.

Novotel Szczecin View

Novotel Szczecin has a convenient location for business and leisure trips

Novotel Szczecin is mainly a business hotel, but is not a bad choice for a leisure stay, too. There’s a pool, a gym and a restaurant with moderate prices.

Standard Room at Novotel Szczecin

We booked a Standard Room at Novotel Szczecin as we were not planning on spending much time in the room.

Novotel Szczecin Standard Room

Sofa and Bed in the Standard Room

The room is not very spacious, but large enough for two people with a large King Bed, a sleeper sofa (children are free) and a working desk with a flat-screen television on it.

There are also two chairs as well as tea and coffee making facilities. Moreover, two bottles of water are provided complimentary in each room.

Novotel Szczecin Standard Room

The bed was really comfortable

Something to mention positively is the nice view of one of the streets next of the hotel. Even though there were some construction works going on, it wasn’t noisy at any time.

The bathroom is nothing to write home about. In Standard Rooms there is a single sink, a toilet and a bathtub shower combination with the latter being quite creative.

Novotel Szczecin Toiletries

Toiletries at Novozel Szczecin

The fabric shower curtain was a little downer, while the quality of the toiletries (Novotel branded) was good.

Gym and Pool at Novotel Szczecin

Taking the nightly price of Novotel Szczecin into account, the amenities offered for guests staying at the property are quite good.

Novotel Szczecin Spa

Green is the dominating color at the gym of Novozel Szczecin

The gym as well as the pool and the whirlpool may be used complimentary. The gym has no windows and the age of the products is definitely not the newest.

Nevertheless, the number and choice of machines was decent for the little room the gym is located in. The gym is especially good for strength training while I’d definitely go running in the city and not in the gym.

Novotel Szczecin Pool

Pool of Novotel Szczecin

The pool has a good temperature, but is a little small for labs. Nevertheless and especially as we were alone by the pool most time, we enjoyed swimming and lounging for some minutes.

As the loungers are not very comfortable and there is a lack of a nice atmosphere, we decided to not stay poolside for a longer time.

Novotel Szczecin Spa

There’s also a sauna with a little lounging area

Nevertheless, we also enjoyed the whirlpool which has a view of a television. This one was mainly used by the lifeguard who was on duty all day long.

Breakfast at Novotel Szczecin

As we enjoyed dinner at another place the night we spent at Novotel Szczecin, we only opted for breakfast which is served in the only restaurant of Novotel Szczecin.

Novotel Szczecin Breakfast

The breakfast buffet looks decent at first sight

At first sight, the breakfast looked very promising with a choice of bread and cold cuts, fruits, muesli, yoghurt and even some hot dishes available. Yet, the quality was not really satisfying.

Novotel Szczecin Breakfast

The quality of the food was not satisfying

Same goes for the service which was absolutely lackluster. When we arrived, most tables were not properly cleaned up. While we had breakfast, used plates were not cleared even once.

Novotel Szczecin Breakfast

Hot dishes are not freshly prepared and taste dull

At some time, they even went out of cutlery. The seating itself was quite nice in the little inner courtyard with some fresh air. In the inside, the rush of the buffet was hard to overhear.

Overall, the breakfast at Novotel Szczecin – a little pricey when not included in your rate – was a small disappointment.

Overall experience at Novotel Szczecin

It’s always a little complicated to draw a fair conclusion for four star hotels as we mainly stay in five star hotels. That’s a problem when it comes to Novotel Szczecin, too.

Novotel Szczecin View

The view of most rooms is very nice

The welcome was warm, the room was comfortable and large enough with only the bathroom being a little small and outdated. The gym and the pool area both were average, but it’s nice to have them nevertheless.

Novotel Szczecin Standard Room

Little included amenities like water and coffee making facilities surprised us

Breakfast was a little disappointment as we had a very good impression of the hotel at that point. With the reception staff being friendly and the prices usually being extremely moderate, I’d definitely return to the Novotel Szczecin. I highly doubt that there is another hotel with a similar value for the money in the city.

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