Poznan: Top things to do and see

Poznan is one of the biggest cities of the country and a cultural center of Poland. Even though Poznan might not be the most known city, these top things to do and see in Poznan show why the city in Poland is so attractive to visit.

  1. Discover Poznan’s old town

I’ve rarely ever seen such beautiful old towns like the polish ones. Poznan is no exception. Besides small, cobblestoned streets are huge places in-between, making it lovely to take a seat and eat or just drink something.

Not to forget about the lovely and colorful historic buildings which adorn the old town. Highly recommended!

  1. Watch the Town Hall at noon

Every day at noon, a real spectacle takes place in front of Poznan’s town hall.

Town Hall Poznan

It’s not just the building itself being impressive and beautiful, but also the very special way to announce the time.

Goats Town Hall Poznan

Each chime, these goats push their horns together. Be aware that there come many people day by day to see this.

  1. Catch a glance at Poznan’s university

Poznan is known for being a university city.

University Poznan

As the buildings of the university are located right in the city, it is not an expense to catch a glance of them.

University of Poznan

Adam Mickiewicz was significant for German and Polish romantic era. In his honor, the University of Poznan was named after him. Due to that, the statue above is located in front of the buildings.

  1. Admire Poznan’s Opera

Not far from the University of Poznan can the Opera be found. After crossing a lovely park with a fountain and dozens of lovely flowers, the Opera can soon be seen.


Flower 5

Opera in Poznan

But don’t worry, the park is anything but big!

  1. Visit the Imperial Castle

By locals, the Imperial Castle of Poznan is called Zamek Cesarski w Poznaniu. Even though it looks like it was built in the medieval ages, it is actually about 100 years old.

Imperial Castle Poznan

Memorial Imperial Castle Poznan

Still, it looks impressive and strolling around in the inner courtyard is like a little escape.

  1. Go to Cathedral Island

The place where most churches of Poznan are located, for example the Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul.

When crossing the bridge to head over to Cathedral Island in Poznan, you will behold a grey architectural something.

Porta Posnania

This interesting building is called Porta Posnania.

  1. Take a ride on Maltanka

Maltanka is a historic train operating three stops in total from Rondo Sródka to Nowe Zoo.

Maltanka Poznan

I really hope that these things to do and see inspire enough to actually visit the Polish city!

More about Poznan can be found on our city page!


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