Running in Szczecin

Running in Szczecin was something I was not very much looking forward to. The city is neither known for its beautiful parks nor for its stunning sights. Nevertheless, I kind of enjoyed running in Szczecin. On the one hand, I enjoyed the river Oder very much and on other hand, I literally stumbled upon some very impressive buildings.

Running in Szczecin started quite good.

  • Distance: 6.5 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 70 Meters
  • Calories burned: 350-450
  • Month: June
  • Weather: Sunny

When I left the hotel, the sun was shining and the temperature was pretty well for running.

Map of my jogging route through Szczecin (tracked by Runtastic)

Map of my jogging route through Szczecin (tracked by Runtastic)

This combined with the fact that I had plenty of time and no rush to enjoy my run, I was looking forward to a very nice experience.

Enjoying the Oder

After exiting the hotel and turning to the right, I instantly found some buildings that are worth taking a photo of.

Not the worst view to start a run

Not the worst view to start a run

Even though the pictures taken aren’t very special when it comes to sightseeing purposes, I really liked the architecture.

Leaving the city behind, I encountered the river Oder just a few hundred meters further.

Reaching the beautiful river

Reaching the beautiful river

The river is channeled in Szczecin, but that doesn’t make it less beautiful in the sunshine.

At the same time, I really enjoyed taking pictures of beautiful buildings on both sides of the river.

Following the promenade

What I really enjoyed about running in Szczecin and what I also enjoy in other cities with larger rivers is running alongside the promenade.

On the one hand, I can enjoy the lovely river and on the other hand, I also don’t miss historic and photo worthy buildings.

Some statues looked amazing, too

Some statues looked amazing, too

That may not be one of the most “special” insider hints, but I’d recommend to also look for beautiful buildings on rivers. Due to the history of the most cities, a lot of stunning architecture can be enjoyed by the river.

In Szczecin especially the Maritime University, the National Museum and the Voivodeship Office are worth admiring while running along the Oder.

Back to the city

The thing about the good moments while running in Szczecin is that they were over way too fast.

For example, the promenade is a little less than two kilometers long in the direction I took. Due to that, I decided to climb the mountain to enjoy one of the city’s parks (Park im Stefana Zeromskiego).

Getting to the park meant also crossing some residential areas which were way less beautiful than the park. Nevertheless, seeing the residential areas was very interesting, too.

Exploring the beauty of Szczecin

On my way back to the hotel, I once again crossed the picture worthy buildings alongside the promenade and also enjoyed lovely views of the Oder again.

Afterwards, I also had the chance to admire the philharmonic and some of Szczecin’s many churches. Being back at the hotel, I didn’t regret my choice of running in Szczecin.

The city may not be the most beautiful Polish city, but it has some lovely corners nevertheless. Especially the promenade, the parks and some historic buildings made me enjoy my run.

Back where I started: Novotel Szczecin

Back where I started: Novotel Szczecin

If you got the chance to go running in Szczecin, you should opt for a similar route to enjoy the city as much as possible!


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