City Guide: Düsseldorf

Due to its big international airport, the city of Düsseldorf, located in the West of Germany, is very easy to reach. Once being there, a trip to the city including the river Rhine, Düsseldorf’s city center, its several parks and interesting architecture from every century really is worth it!

After we arrived in Düsseldorf in the early morning, we searched for Starbucks, McDonald’s or anything alike to grab a coffee. Düsseldorf was just like, I’m sorry, but not here. There was a McDonald’s at Central Station, but it didn’t have a McCafé. Starbucks or other McDonald’s were about to open at 9am, which is not the best when it’s about half past seven.

Strolling along the “Kö”

Kö is how locals call their most famous street, Königsallee.

Düsseldorf Königsallee


Kö in Düsseldorf

In-between the lines of the street there is a canal and several trees, which are responsible for a great flair! Accordingly are just the most exclusive (and expensive) shops located in the Kö.

Kö in Düsseldorf

Historic buildings and great, yet a bit cold weather made us enjoy the first meters along the Kö. As it was that early, nobody was there and the shops were all closed. Even though this sounds good, we were not too happy about the construction site.

Renovated Statue Düsseldorf

Enjoying the green sides of Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is known for being a beautiful city to which many parks contribute.

Park Dusseldorf

Still searching for a coffee, we dipped into a park well being aware that we probably won’t find it there. What we found instead were some people sleeping, possibly because it was Sunday morning and they had lots of fun Saturday night. Accordingly were some empty bottles of alcohol spread on the ground. Come on, peeps!

Statue Park Düsseldorf

However, also nice things like beautiful flowers, some swans and ducks as well as statues can be enjoyed in the park.

Flower Schloss Benrath

Lively city center of Düsseldorf

Slowly came life again to the city of Düsseldorf. When we arrived in somewhat the city center, a lot more action was going on. On the way, we stumbled upon the Theater Museum.

Theatermuseum Düsseldorf

A lot more action means in this case that at least a few people could be seen. By no means was it already busy!

Small streets, some restaurants and cafés characterize Düsseldorf’s city center. Nothing special until we reached the river Rhine.

River Rhine Düsseldorf

Admittedly, panoramic views can be enjoyed at its best and strolling around along the promenade is something I wouldn’t miss!

City of Düsseldorf

There, even some more historical buildings can be seen. The complete opposite is the case when we moved on to the business district.

Those are office buildings and one even being used by WDR, a federal German channel. When we made our way back to the city center, we also recognized how many statues decorate this place!

Statue Düsseldorf Old Town

Visiting Schloss Benrath

Schloss Benrath is a lovely castle which can be reached very easily with the tram in the city of Düsseldorf.

Düsseldorf Schloss Benrath

Positively, next to the beauty of the castle and its gardens around is that you can enter for free.

Very enjoyable and obviously a very popular activity for a Sunday, as we met many people there. A real escape from the buzz of the city!

Still, our day came to an end and the plane back wouldn’t have waited for us, so we returned into the buzz and got to the airport. Düsseldorf, we will come back!


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