Shambala Zulu Camp: Elephant Safari

After the shout of lions were the reason that we woke up, we got up at 6 am to experience our very first elephant safari! The Shambala Private Game Reserve offers this activity and being on the back of an elephant at a height of 3,5 meters was just amazing and breathtaking! Not to forget about all the other wild animals such as zebras and wilderbees which we were able to spot.

Zulu Camp South Africa

Zulu Camp South Africa Zebra


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  1. I go to the San Diego zoo and Safari park all the time (I have a yearly membership) but it really does look like a completely different experience seeing them in the wild like that.

    • A yearly membership sounds awesome! I can’t really compare as I don’t know what you experience where you are – but I can ensure you that it is absolutely breathtaking what we see at the moment!

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