Rome: Top things to do and see

Rome, the capital of Italy, is a flourishing city with a history of more than 10,000 years. Especially due to its remaining relicts such like the Pantheon or the Colosseum, Rome is a very popular tourist destination and is thus very buzzing especially during summer. Not only history, but also culture, archeology and architecture play a very important role when thinking of the top things to do and see in Rome.

  1. Gaze at Vatican City

Probably one of the most controversial states in the whole world. Being home to the pope of the Catholic Church and being a center for religious themes, there are only few countries which accept Vatican City as an independent and autonomous state at all.

Rome Vatican

Nevertheless, its huge walls and uncountable security guys in front of the Petersdom in contrast to uncountable people starring at Vatican City makes it a very interesting place to visit.

  1. Pay the Colosseum a visit

It is up to you whether to understand the pay a visit literally. It is free to catch a glance at the huge colosseum from the outside or to walk around it.

Rome Colosseum

On the other hand, it is also possible to enter the colosseum, where it is best to check out different entrance fees and the varying opening hours. Usually, there is a large amount of people entering day by day.

  1. Stroll through the Forum Romanum

If you decided to buy a ticket for the Colosseum, it also covers a visit to the Forum Romanum. Again, it is also very nice to just walk around it.

Forum Romanum Rome

Especially as you have a way better view of how it looks instead of standing right in front of the huge relicts.

  1. Keep an eye out for street artists

The more touristic a city, the more creative are people begging or trying to earn money. In Rome, it is very popular to show tricks or to sell paintings of the city on the street.

Street Artist Work

Street Artist Rome

When we visited Rome, there were street artists showing an impressive trick. The thing is that you will be broke if you gave everyone who shows something …

  1. Try to capture Castel Sant’Angelo as a whole

In English, the Castel Sant’Angelo would be Castle of the Holy Angel. Being part of the Vatican City and yet being located a short walk away of it, it is a really nice motive to capture.

Rome Castel Sant'Angelo

The thing is that it is very big, so taking some steps back to cover it all may be necessary.

Rome Bridge

While doing that, you will probably already be stepping on one of the bridges.

  1. Go to the Spanish Steps

Even though the fact of steps may sound boring, the Spanish Steps in Rome are actually a monument almost being 300 years old. Nowadays, it is a very popular spot where people of all kinds and from all over the world meet.

  1. See the Pantheon Rome

The Pantheon in Rome is a church, even though it looks like a Greek temple, which has been built back in the second century AD.

Rome Pantheon inside

Entering is free, so go for it! The Pantheon in Rome is very impressive from the outside as well as from the inside.

  1. Discover Palazzo di Venezia Rome

Palazzo di Venezia in Rome not only looks impressive from the outside, but has also a lot to offer when it comes to history and archeology.

Rome Palazzo Venezia

Located in central Rome, Palazzo di Venezia once was built to function as a residence for cardinals in the Medieval Ages.

  1. Head to Trevi Fountain Rome

Trevi Fountain is considered as a must-see in Rome for every traveler. The Baroque Trevi Fountain has been finished in the 18th century. I really hope you are luckier than we were as it was under construction for maintenance when we came seeing it and thus it was not possible to take a photo of Trevi Fountain.

  1. Keep an eye out for memorials and statues

Every city has at least one statue or memorial, but in Rome, they are uncountable.

Rome Statue

These are “just normal” ones we saw when discovering the city of Rome by foot, but there are several other statues including the famous talking statues.


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