City Guide: Bremen

Bremen, a city located in the North of Germany, counts half a million inhabitants and is the 10th biggest city in Germany. Known for its fairytale “Bremer Stadtmusikanten”, but also for its soccer club “Werder Bremen”, Bremen is not a really popular touristic destination. Anyways, we discovered the city of Bremen by foot and came to the conclusion that Bremen is fairly underrated!

Beautiful historic old town, impressive stadium, a very special quarter called Schnoor and many parks characterize the city of Bremen. At least, that’s what I can say after having explored the city. Before, I did hardly know anything about Bremen.

Bremen DB Central Station

As we arrived by train, Bremen’s central station was the first thing we saw in the city. I have to admit, a very impressive building itself!

Strolling through Bremen’s green sides

As we stayed at Swissôtel Bremen, the first thing we entered after leaving the hotel was a beautiful park with a river and a huge mill.

As it was pretty hot that day, it was also great to start our city experience of Bremen in the shadows.

Reaching Bremen’s historical old town

It didn’t took too long until we reached Bremen’s historical old town with its beautiful squares and architectural impressive old buildings.

Bremen Town Hall

What can be moreover seen is the Bremen Cathedral which has been built in the 11th century!

Unfortunately, weather changed heavily and it started to rain. Starbucks was our new best friend!

Moving on to Schnoor

Schnoor is a very old quarter in Bremen and is famous for its cute little old houses and its very tiny streets.

Schnoor Bremen 8

Schnoor Bremen

Schnoor Bremen

Schnoor Bremen

Schnoor Bremen

Landherrn Amt Bremen

As a picture paints a thousand words, I’ll just let you know that we had a heavily overpriced ice cream. At least, it was very yummy.

Next to the Weser

Weser is the river which flows through the city of Bremen, so not any surprisingly, it is not too hard to meet this river.

Weser Bremen

A short detour to the Weser Stadium

Weser is not only the river, but also the reason for a stadium’s name. The local soccer club Werder Bremen baptized its stadium after the river.

Weser Stadium Bremen

Weser Stadium Bremen

Weser Stadium Bremen

So, this stadium is called Weserstadion. We just gawked at it from the outside, though we did not watch a game or something. Again, the stadium is located in-between green spaces.

Special moments in Bremen

There’s also something special worth mentioning which can’t be seen every day. In our case, we saw a guy selling freshly squeezed orange juice and anything which has to do with oranges. Which looked like this.

Orange Man Bremen

Moreover, there’s of course a statue of the Bremer Stadtmusikanten. The statue consists of a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster.

Bremer Stadtmusikanten

Last but not least, we had a look at Bremen’s university (ugly).

University Bremen

However, our tour through the city of Bremen ended with giving keys we found to a police station. I still wonder whether the guy got his keys back…


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