Bremen: Top things to do and see

Two days ago, we published our city review of Bremen, Germany. Now, to give you an idea what to do and see in Bremen, we thought about our top things to do and see in Bremen!

  1. Explore Bremen’s green sides

Unlike many other cities, Bremen is one where many parks and trees and flowers can be found.

Park Bremen

Mill Bremen

Very enjoyable, especially when you’re lucky with the weather!

  1. Stroll along the Weser

Weser is the name of the river flowing through Bremen.

Weser Bremen

As rivers always add an incomparable flair to cities, be sure to not miss the Weser in Bremen!

  1. Discover Bremen’s old town

Large pedestrian zones and historical buildings make Bremen’s old historic town distinctive.

Even if the weather is not the nicest, which definitely can happen in the North of Germany, be sure to discover the old town of Bremen. The good thing about not so good weather is the fact that way less people will decide to spend their day at Bremen’s most beautiful corner!

  1. Fall in love with residential areas

Not just the old town, but also the residential areas in Bremen look very nice!


I’m sure you’ll meet some of them when strolling around in Bremen, especially when searching for the river Weser!

  1. Make a detour to the Weser Stadium

As the local soccer club plays in the German Bundesliga, their stadium is pretty impressive and covers up to 50,000 seats.

Weser Stadium Bremen

Weser Stadium Bremen

Weser Stadium Bremen

It is not “necessary” to go inside, but gawking at the Weserstadion from the outside when there is no match is buffing as well, especially as the stadium is surrounded by green!

  1. Search for the Bremer Stadtmusikanten

The city of Bremen is famous for the fairytale “Bremer Stadtmusikanten”.

Bremer Stadtmusikanten

As this fairytale is about four animals, be sure to search for the memorial/statue of them!

  1. Pay the Schnoor Quarter a visit

Probably one of the most beautiful places in the city of Bremen and a top thing to see.

Tiny and small streets, colorful historic buildings and an incomparable charm make Schnoor a definite must-see!

  1. Take a photo of Bremen Cathedral

I already mentioned the historic character of the city of Bremen.

St. Petri Bremen

St. Petri Bremen

Not any surprisingly, Bremen Cathedral survived a few years since it was built in the 11th century! A real top thing to see!


Learn more about Bremen on our city page!


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