Airport Guide: Düsseldorf Airport

Düsseldorf Airport is the third biggest airport in Germany. It is located in the largest metropolitan area in Germany with several important cities like Essen, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Leverkusen or Cologne nearby. Nowadays, Düsseldorf Airport is used as a hub by Air Berlin and Eurowings, but also handles several long-haul operations of other airlines like Emirates.

With more than 20 million passengers and flights to four continents, Düsseldorf Airport is the third biggest airport in Germany after Frankfurt Airport and Munich Airport. The longest flights departing from Düsseldorf are the ones to Los Angeles (operated by Air Berlin) and Tokyo (operated by ANA).

airberlin A330 5

Air Berlin is the biggest carrier at Düsseldorf Airport

Yet, there are several more intercontinental flights, for example to New York, Abu Dhabi or Dubai. The biggest airline at the airport is Air Berlin, followed by newly founded Eurowings (formerly Germanwings). At the same time, the airline operating the biggest aircrafts is Emirates which decided to put on of its A380 planes on the Düsseldorf-Dubai route.

Largest carriers at Düsseldorf Airport:

  • Air Berlin: Several regional and long-haul operations
  • Eurowings: Several regional destinations
  • Lufthansa: Flights to Munich, Frankfurt and New York

Shopping and eating at Düsseldorf Airport

Düsseldorf Airport with three terminals and two runways is not only large enough to handle hundreds of operations a day, but also tries its best to make the experience for passengers a good one.

There are dozens of shops at Düsseldorf Airport

There are dozens of shops at Düsseldorf Airport

With dozens of shops, from premium brands to souvenir shops and from pharmacies to delis, Düsseldorf Airport has the right vendors for everything.

You may enjoy dining in several restaurants and bitros

You may enjoy dining in several restaurants and bistros

At the same time, there’s also a wide range of restaurants and bars. Asian and European delights, complemented by a choice of bars and cafés, make eating and drinking at Düsseldorf Airport quite enjoyable.

Sleeping at Düsseldorf Airport

At Düsseldorf Airport, passengers got the choice of several different hotels which are located nearby. As there is no dedicated sleeping area at the airport, it is a good idea to look for a hotel.

You may also sleep in the city center whcih is not far away

You may also sleep in the city center whcih is not far away

The four hotels located the closest to the airport, Maritim Düsseldorf, Sheraton Düsseldorf Airport, Lindner Hotel Airport as well as Avidon Art & Design are all rated four stars and cost between 50 and 150 Euro depending on the date of your stay. The next five star hotel (Hilton Düsseldorf) is located approximately four kilometers away from the airport. In this range, you may also find several budget hotels. As far as there is no special event in Düsseldorf, you can be sure to always get fair rates for an overnight stay.

Lounges at Düsseldorf Airport

Passengers departing at Düsseldorf Airport may use one of six lounges in total. Passengers flying Star Alliance may access the Lufthansa Business Lounge or the Lufthansa Senator Lounge when eligible. These lounges are located near the A gates, while the Hugo Junkers Lounge at Düsseldorf Airport is located close to the B gates. This lounge is operated by a third-party company and though is accessible for premium passengers of different airlines as well as Priority Pass holders.

Buffet Hugo Junkers Lounge Düsseldorf

Hugo Junkers Lounge is an average airport lounge

You may also buy access to the lounge at the reception. The same is true for the Open Sky Lounge located in the Non-Schengen area (near the C gates). In this area, there are also lounges by Emirates and Air Berlin, both exclusively for passengers of the airline (as well as oneworld customers in the case of the Air Berlin lounge).

Lounges at Düsseldorf Airport:

  • Lufthansa Business and Senator Lounge (Area A)
  • Hugo Junkers Lounge (Area B)
  • Emirates Lounge (Area C)
  • Air Berlin Lounge (Area C)
  • Open Sky Lounge (Area C)

Transportation at Düsseldorf Airport

Düsseldorf Airport is one of few airports in Germany that is very well connected to the German railway system. There are two railway stations at the airport, one only for suburban trains and one for suburban and long-distance trains. At this station, passengers may board trains to all major German cities and also to several cities in nearby countries like Belgium or the Netherlands.

At the lrage train station several regional and international trains stop frequently

At the large train station, several regional and international trains stop frequently

Moreover, several regional services connect Düsseldorf Airport with the city center and nearby cities like Cologne or Essen. At daytime, there are connections to Düsseldorf every ten minutes. There’s also a monorail at Düsseldorf Airport which connects the terminals, the parking lot and the train station with each other. Taxis to Cologne or Düsseldorf are way more expensive and at most times not much faster than the trains. There also several bus lines stopping at Düsseldorf Airport. However, trains are usually faster and more convenient, but depending on your destination, taking a bus may also make sense.


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