Lounge Review: DB Lounge Bremen

DB Lounge Bremen is one of the smallest DB Lounges in Germany. With room for not more than 20 people, the lounge feels quite cozy. At the same time, there’s not a huge choice of different seating arrangements. While the view is nothing to write home about, the choice of entertainment options was great when we spent some time in the lounge.

In the past, we reviewed the DB Lounge Hamburg and the DB Lounge Munich. Both lounges are located on way bigger train stations and though are way more spacious than the one in Bremen.

DB Lounge Bremen

View of the station forecourt

Nevertheless, it’s nice to see that Bremen at least has a DB Lounge regardless of its small size. Access is granted to everyone holding a first class ticket or a bahn.comfort membership card.

Seating in the DB Lounge Bremen

Equipped with several red leather armchairs and some small tables, seating in the DB Lounge Bremen is not very varied. Nevertheless, the lounge is quite cozy due to the small size and the arrangement of different chairs.

DB Lounge Bremen

Seating in the DB Lounge Bremen

Seating is also nice due to the large window which offers nice views of the station forecourt. Overall, seating at the DB Lounge Bremen feels more comfortable than in many other DB Lounges in Germany, but yet is behind most airport lounges.

Drinks in the DB Lounge Bremen

As the DB Lounge Bremen is a so-called Second Class Lounge, there is no food at all. Guests of the lounge may enjoy a choice of different drinks instead. There’s a large coffee machine which prepares all kinds of coffee specialties including hot chocolate and cappuccino.

DB Lounge Bremen

There’s a small drink buffet in the back of the lounge

Moreover, there’s a beverage dispenser where several soft drinks including Coke and Coke Zero are available. Sadly, there are not even any snacks like nuts available in the DB Lounge Bremen.

Entertainment in the DB Lounge Bremen

While the lack of food always is a little disappointment, it’s worth mentioning that entertainment at the DB Lounge Bremen is anything but lackluster.

DB Lounge Bremen

The choice of newspapers in the DB Lounge Bremen is great

There’s a television showing German news channels, a wide range of national newspapers available and well working Wi-Fi. Even compared to airline lounges, this is a quite good offering.

Bottom line DB Lounge Bremen

DB Lounge Bremen is definitely no lounge that’s worth staying at just for the purpose of seeing a new lounge. Nevertheless, it’s a very good lounge to spend some time while exchanging at Bremen Central Station or some spare minutes before boarding your train.

DB Lounge Bremen

Good for spending some spare time prior departure

The way to the trains usually is less than five minutes, which allows you to enjoy a drink and comfortable seating without a need to rush to your trains.


Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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