City Guide: Prague

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is one of the most visited cities in Europe. To be more precise, Prague is in the top ten with more than six million tourists a year, mostly from Germany, UK, France, the US and the Netherlands. Even though some overly touristic cities are definitely overrated, Prague definitely is not one of those!

With its fantastic historical old town, the river Mottlau flowing through, Prague’s castle and the Charles Bridge, Prague is known for being very similar to Budapest. Having been to Budapest before? We did, so let’s see what’s true about that claim!

First impressions: Gawking at breathtaking architecture

Taking our first steps out of our hotel The Mark Prague, we literally stumbled upon the impressive historical architecture and thus stunning buildings.

The Mark Prague

Even the hotel itself proves that!

Architecture Prague

Architecture Prague

The amazing thing about Prague is the fact that you can meet this style and type of architecture all throughout the city and not just in the city center!

Crossing Prague’s Charles Bridge

A city with a bigger river needs a bridge for which the city is famous. New York has its Brooklyn Bridge, Budapest its Chain Bridge and Prague has Charles Bridge.

Charles bridge Prague

As soon as the weather is suitable, you can fight for crossing Charles Bridge as it is usually just very crowded! Not any surprisingly, merchants and street artists try to sell their stuff to tourists or entertain with impressive tricks!

Climbing up the way to the Castle

Admittedly, getting up to the castle does not deserve the term “climb”. When coming from the back side of the hill, there is a beautiful park and other historic reliefs.

Prague Park

There, it is also possible to see the so-called Metroniom.

Metronium Prague 3

Metronium Prague 2

Does anyone know the purpose for that? Anyways, there are already some amazing views which can be enjoyed when coming from the other side.

View Prague 5

Reaching the Castle itself

As it got more crowded every step we took, it was a sure sign for coming near the castle itself. Prague’s castle is not a closed area, however, I had the feeling that there was something like an existing inner courtyard.

By the way, there have been 6 million tourists visiting Prague’s Castle in 2014. Now you can imagine HOW crowded it is there!

Gawking at the famous Cathedral

As every bigger city, also Prague has evidence for its religious roots. A huge cathedral rises above Prague.

The Prague Cathedral is just too big to capture it as a whole when standing in front of it – good that we already discovered it on our way!

Churches in Prague

However, Prague Cathedral is by far not the only church in the city of Prague. I pictured some of them, but when trying to find out which one it was, this turned out to stay a mystery forever.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Even Wikipedia cannot count the churches Prague has – at least, there’s no fixed number. But even if you don’t know the name of the church, the architecture may be a good reason to look at them nevertheless.

Old town of Prague

Architecture, Bridge, Castle and Cathedral/Churches. What’s left? Of course the city center and from time to time pedestrian zones!

Again, I don’t even recognize where the old town should begin and where it should end. Prague’s architectural style of buildings is just so fluent and consequently beautiful. Thus, it is not really surprisingly that Prague is that popular as a touristic destination! Who doesn’t want to look at buildings from the 11th/12th century?

Special activities in Prague

As Prague itself as well as the Czech Republic have a rich history, it’s a matter of course that the National Museum can be found in Prague!

National Museum Prague

This time, the building is very modern and new. Not so the Opera, which first opened in 1888!

Opera Prague

Due to its rich history, it doesn’t come as a surprise that several statues and memorials can be found throughout Prague.

Again, as there are so many, I didn’t really find out which is which. What I did find was the Wallenstein Gardens.

Currently, the Baroque palace is home of the Czech Senate. Just taking a rest in the impressively designed and well-maintained gardens or strolling around may cause severe minutes of pure peace! Similar peaceful is the river Mottlau which flows through Prague.

River Mottlau Prague

River Mottlau Prague

River Mottlau Prague

Swans Prague

River Mottlau Prague


old town Prague

I could’ve spent ages riverside, watching the swans and indulging in the flair of the historical city! Not to forget about the great views which can be enjoyed at some points. All in all, I totally agree that Prague is very similar to Budapest – as beautiful and adorable as the Hungarian capital!


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    • You definitely do! The good thing about Prague is that the city is adorable and not bloody expensive like London or Paris!! To which cities have you been? 🙂

      • I’ve been fortunate to see Parts of France, Spain, Italy, Monaco, Germany and The Netherlands, and I’m looking forward to visiting more!

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