Hotel Preview: Kameha Grand Zurich

Kameha Grand Zurich is the name of the newest luxury hotel in the Swiss city. Located in-between the airport and the city center, the stylish design hotel offers its guests modern rooms, a full-service Spa and extraordinary cuisine. At the same time, the rates are quite fair compared to other hotels in the extremely expensive city. Kameha Grand Zurich may be the perfect choice for your next trip!

Nowadays, luxury hotels sometimes do without stars. Kameha Grand Zurich is a good example. Yet, the newest luxury hotel in Zurich offers its guests all the services a five star hotel offers.

Kameha Grand Zurich Lobby

Lobby (Image Source: Kameha Grand Zurich /

Spacious rooms, modern design, a full-service spa, a large gym with modern machines, bars and restaurants are just some features that make Kameha Grand Zurich a real luxury hotel. The only minor disadvantage compared to other hotels in the city may be the location as the city center is several kilometers away from Kameha Grand Zurich.

Rooms at Kameha Grand Zurich

Located just a few kilometers away from the airport, guests of Kameha Grand Zurich will enjoy the calm of a small suburb while having a stopover or waiting for the next day to start in the city.

Kameha Grand Zurich Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room (Image Source: Kameha Grand Zurich /

The lowest room category, called Premium Room, is 27 square meters (291 square feet) large and offers amenities like a large flat-screen television, a bathroom with a rain shower and a double sink as well as a large King Bed and a working desk.

Kameha Grand Zurich Gentlemen Suite

Gentlemen Suite (Image Source: Kameha Grand Zurich /

Deluxe Rooms offer additional space as well as a bathtub. Also, the views are better as several Premium Rooms just got atrium views while Deluxe Rooms got guaranteed city views.

Kameha Grand Zurich Ghostwriter Suite

Ghostwriter Suite (Image Source: Kameha Grand Zurich /

For everyone looking for a special experience, one of the several theme suites including the Orient Suite, the Gentlemen Suite and Workout Suite are the perfect choice!

Dining at Kameha Grand Zurich

With two award nominated restaurants, Kameha Grand Zurich also hits the spot when it comes to dining.

Kameha Grand Zurich Restaurant L'Unico

L’Unico (Image Source: Kameha Grand Zurich /

The Italian inspired restaurant “L’Unico” offers noodles, fish and meat with selected ingredients and a focus on fresh herbs. “Yu Nijyo” instead inspires its guests with Japanese cuisine in a fitting ambience.

Kameha Grand Zurich Yu Nijyo

Yu Nijyo (Image Source: Kameha Grand Zurich /

Be it a set-menu or just an à la carte dinner: At Yu Nijyo, guests of Kameha Grand Zurich will surely enjoy an amazing dinner. For a lighter choice, the “Yu Sushi Lunch Club” with its selected Japanese specialties may be an option.

Kameha Grand Zurich Puregold Bar

Puregold Bar (Image Source: Kameha Grand Zurich /

To complement a great evening at Kameha Grand Zurich, you shouldn’t miss the “Puregold Bar”, the “Shisha Lounge” or the “Smoker’s Lounge”.

Spa & Fitness at Kameha Grand Zurich

Kameha Grand Zurich doesn’t offer its guests the pleasure of an in-house pool. However, there are some amazing facilities to relax after a long day of work.

Kameha Grand Zurich Sauna

Sauna (Image Source: Kameha Grand Zurich /

The Kameha Spa offers not only a wide range of treatments from 2 to 10 pm on weekdays and from 10 am to 10 pm on weekends, but also several amazing facilities like a steam bath, a relaxation room or a sauna.

Kameha Grand Zurich Spa

Spa (Image Source: Kameha Grand Zurich /

The best part may be the Spa Terrace which offers not only lovely views, but is also the perfect space to enjoy oneself.

Kameha Grand Zurich Spa Terrace

Spa Terrace (Image Source: Kameha Grand Zurich /

A little less enjoyable, but as healthy may be spending some time in the gym of Kameha Grand Zurich, where guests of the luxury hotel can find state-of-the-art machines for cardio and strength training.

Prices of Kameha Grand Zurich

Something that makes Kameha Grand Zurich special besides its modern interior and outstanding design are the prices.

Kameha Grand Zurich Workout Suite

Workout Suite (Image Source: Kameha Grand Zurich /

The Premium Room at Kameha Grand Zurich is available starting at 175 CHF (~ 165 Euro / 180 US-Dollar) per night including taxes. This rate doesn’t include breakfast, but offers an incredible value for the money for Zurich nevertheless.

Kameha Grand Zurich Fairplay Suite

Fairplay Suite (Image Source: Kameha Grand Zurich /

If you are looking for a rate including breakfast, you need to pay at least 224 CHF (~ 210 Euro / 240 US-Dollar) per night, which still marks quite a good value compared to other luxury hotels in Zurich. With prices like this, the first year of Kameha Grand Zurich will definitely be a success!

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