Riga: Top things to do and see

Riga is one of the most beautiful, yet less known cities located in Eastern Europe. Being the capital of Latvia, Riga unites the past with the present. As Riga’s old town is also a World Heritage Site, it is well worth to spend some time in Riga for a city trip. Riga has a lot to offer, but here are top things to do and see in Riga!

  1. Discover Riga’s Old Town

As already mentioned, Riga’s Old Town is a World Heritage Site. Since the 1980’s, there are limitations so that not every vehicle is allowed to drive through.

Old Town Riga

Old Town Riga

Old Town Riga Small Streets

Old Town Riga

Old Town Riga

Good decision, as the streets are very tiny and small, so just perfect for pedestrians! Glancing at the colorful buildings and historical architecture is even an experience if it should rain.

  1. Glance at Latvia’s National Library

Even if you’re not interested in books, take a glance at Latvia’s National Library in Riga nevertheless.

National Library Riga

This very special building is not really about books for tourists, but rather about the very interestingly architecture!

  1. Spend some time at the river

The river flowing through Riga is the so-called Daugava – not the most known name.

National Library in Riga

Nevertheless, it is very beautiful to promenade along it and thus catch some sights of the other side of Riga, for example at the National Library.

  1. Take a photo of the National Opera

When having a free evening, it may also be nice to enjoy a concert at the Latvian National Opera.

National Opera in Riga

National Opera in Riga

But the National Opera in Riga is also very easy to integrate in a city sightseeing trip!

  1. Stroll through Riga’s parks

Riga is also known for being a very green city.

Park in Riga

Park in Riga

Lots of parks and green spaces can be found throughout the city.


Keep an eye out for this little bridge!

  1. Freedom Monument

The Freedom Monument in Riga is something like the symbol of Latvia.

It is symbolic for the sovereignty of the country Latvia, showing their independence from the former Soviet Union.

  1. See the house of Blackhats

It took me some time to realize which building I was standing in front of.


House of Blackhats Riga

House of Blackhats sunny


House of Blackhats Riga

House of Blackhats rainy

Located in the old town, it is very easy to reach! One of top things you definitely shouldn’t miss!


Learn more about Riga on our city page!


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