Lounge Review: Aspire Lounge Zurich

Aspire Lounge Zurich is one of the third-party operated lounges at Zurich Airport. Located in the Airside Center, just a few minutes away from most gates, the lounge offers a decent buffet, several choices for entertainment and comfortable seating. Sadly, there is no tarmac view, but apart from that, Aspire Lounge Zurich offers a good experience.

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Aspire Lounge Zurich grants access to Priority Pass holders, oneworld frequent flyers and business class guests as well as selected other airline passengers.

Aspire Lounge Zurich Seating

Aspire Lounge Zurich is modern and well designed

Having access to the lounge is a real pleasure, especially when considering how expensive Switzerland in general and Zurich Airport in particular is.

Due to its good location, you can be sure to never have to walk more than 15 minutes to reach your boarding gate. But that’s not the only positive aspect of Aspire Lounge Zurich.

Seating in the Aspire Lounge Zurich

Aspire Lounge Zurich looks not only modern, but quite futuristic when you enter for the first time.

Aspire Lounge Zurich Seating

Seating at Aspire Lounge Zurich

Nevertheless, the different seating arrangements in the medium sized lounge still feel very comfortable. Separated by walls, you may either choose to sit in the dining area or in one of the relaxation areas with couches and armchairs.

There are also several barstools right next to the windows, but the view you’ll enjoy sadly is of the airport hall only.

Aspire Lounge Zurich View

The view is quite boring

Nevertheless, Aspire Lounge Zurich doesn’t feel uncomfortable as the light makes the lounge bright and airy. Overall, we enjoyed both, the comfort and the design of the seating arrangements.

Buffet at Aspire Lounge Zurich

Something utterly important for the Swiss are the highest standards when it comes to the quality of food. Due to that, we expected the dishes at Aspire Lounge Zurich to be of an exceptional quality.

Aspire Lounge Zurich Buffet

Very good quality: Buffet at Aspire Lounge Zurich

We were not disappointed as especially the sandwiches with Swiss bread and Swiss cheese were a real treat. Besides, there was a choice of three hot dishes (Mac & Cheese, soup and some kind of curried sausage), some salad and fresh bread when visited the lounge.

Talking about drinks, there was a wide range of spirits and wines of good quality available. For sure, you can also find several soft drinks at Aspire Lounge Zurich.

Aspire Lounge Zurich Buffet

Wine and spirits at Aspire Lounge Zurich

While the buffet was anything but extensive, the quality and taste were good.

Especially when considering that the prices for food at Zurich Airport are completely outrageous, the opportunity of dining at Aspire Lounge Zurich was one we accepted without hesitating.

Entertainment at Aspire Lounge Zurich

Not only the quality of food was good, but also the choice of entertainment options. There was a television showing news channels as well as a wide range of national and international newspapers.

Aspire Lounge Zurich Entertainment

Choice of newspapers

As Switzerland is a multilingual country, the choice of German, French and Italian papers and magazines was very extensive. Nevertheless, there were also several English and other international magazines and newspapers available. The Wi-Fi provided in the lounge was of good quality, but is limited to just one hour per device.

This stems from the fact that Aspire Lounge Zurich uses the Wi-Fi of the airport. Don’t hesitate to ask the staff for another code if you need Wi-Fi any longer. Usually, they are quite helpful and won’t let you pay for it.

Bottom line Aspire Lounge Zurich

We’ve been to many lounges in the last weeks, but I still have in mind how good the cheese sandwich at Aspire Lounge Zurich was.

Aspire Lounge Zurich Buffet

The choice of spirits is decent

Having this in mind, it’s worth praising the high quality of food offered in the lounge. At the same time, the buffet was average at best when it comes to choice. Entertainment options were decent and the seating was comfortable, modern and clean.

Aspire Lounge Zurich Entertainment

Enough entertainment is offered for sure

All in all, there’s nothing bad to say about Aspire Lounge Zurich. It’s no especially amazing lounge, but surely good enough to spend some minutes or even one or two hours prior departure!


Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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  3. I’m in the lounge now. This is the first time I walked into an airport lounge bathroom and thought to myself, “you know what, better to go on the plane”. It was absolutely horrendous.

    Furthermore, no hot food in the morning. Just croissants, some jam, and cheap assorted yogurts. This is actually the worst lounge I’ve been to at a *major* airport.

    The one exception is that they have outdoor seating which is nice.

    • Thanks for your comment! I’m surprised that there is outdoor seating now. I can’t remember seeing any outdoor seating the last time I checked out the lounge. When it comes to the food, I must admit that the options are relatively limited outside the real “meal times”. Yet, I at least found the sandwiches quite good!

  4. Well, there are two Aspire Lounges in Zurich.
    The one from the blog is next to terminal A & B in the Airside Center and has no outdoor seating and no view to the airfield.
    The second is located in Gate E with a nice view on the tarmac and probably some outdoor part.
    Can’t say anything about the quality as i use normally the swiss or emirates lounge. By the way, Swiss has a all new lounge in Gate E, very nice and highly recomendet.

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