Hiking at Lake Constance

Hiking at Lake Constance is recommendable for pretty much everyone. There are dozens of different routes you may take. Personally, I prefer the Swiss side of the lower lake. That’s why we focus on a hike from Berlingen to Steckborn, two tiny Swiss towns right by the lake!

As we are travelling mostly to metropolises, we are not hiking too much. Also, I’m more of a runner who likes to go a little faster when I’m in nature.

Hiking at Lake Constnace

Lake Constance offers endless opportunities for hiking

Nevertheless, we took the opportunity to take out my family’s dogs to go hiking at Lake Constance.

Hiking at Lake Constnace

The dogs utterly enjoyed the hike, too

Even though we started in Hemmenhofen on the German side of the lower lake, our hike focuses on the Swiss side. In summer, you got the opportunity to get from one side to another easily by ship.

A ride, while quite expensive, is fully recommendable as you enjoy beautiful views of both sides of the lower lake of Lake Constance.

From Berlingen to the White Rock

After the ship stopped in Steckborn (Swiss side) and Gaienhofen (German side), we finally reached Berlingen after approximately 15 minutes.

Hiking at Lake Constnace

Berlingen is a cute tiny village in Switzerland

The town is extremely tiny, but has several beautiful buildings and is worth checking out! However, we were mostly on the hike at Lake Constance to enjoy the beautiful nature in the area.

The approximately two kilometers to the White Rock (“Weißer Felsen” in German) are a real experience. You may enjoy large meadows, extensive forests and last but not least stunning views of Lake Constance.

Especially for our dogs, the nature between Berlingen and Steckborn is more than just beautiful.

Stunning views and good food

Something we utterly enjoyed about this hike were the great views at several points.

Hiking at Lake Constnace

Amazing view of Lake Constance

The nicest viewpoints are right on the White Rock where you can see parts of Steckborn as well as the German side of the lower lake and the little farm which is also operating a restaurant where you may enjoy views of Berlingen and the other part of the German side of the lower lake of Lake Constance.

Moreover, the food offered at this location is utterly amazing. As Swiss prices are quite high, you should take some extra money, but the enjoyment of the views makes it totally worth it.

From Steckborn back home

From the farm, you have to walk for another two kilometers to finally reach Steckborn, still a tiny, but way bigger and more touristic town than Berlingen.

Nowadays, the historic city is filled up with modern buildings of rich Swiss businessmen who are looking for holiday houses.

Hiking at Lake Constnace

Steckborn is a little more touristic, but beautiful, too

Anyway, the flair is still great, especially on the boat jetty. We took the ship back and were in Germany a few minutes later again. For us, hiking at Lake Constance was once again a great experience.

Especially the route from Berlingen to Steckborn is utterly enjoyable with the little restaurant in the middle of the hike. You should definitely give it a try if you enjoyed the pictures of the amazing view!


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