Looking Back

After one year and dozens of weeks, looking back looks way more simple now. Only two words, but as many amazing content as in the last year. I hope you’ll keep on enjoying our look backs!

On Monday, we released our top things to do and see in Riga!

National Opera in Riga

Staying in Eastern Europe, next was our Airport Guide for Prague!

Prague Airport

An exceptional new property on another continent: Hilton Panama!

Hilton Panama Ocean View Suite

(Image Source: Hilton Panama /

Talking of exceptional: Running in Port Elizabeteh was more than just that!

Running in Port Elizabeth

Time for another Airport Guide. Learn more about Athens Airport!

Athens International Airport

On Wednesday, we also reviewed our stay at Hotel am Schlossgarten Stuttgart!

Hotel am Schlossgarten Stuttgart Deluxe Room

Zurich Airport has several third-party lounges. We reviewed Aspire Lounge Zurich!

Aspire Lounge Zurich Buffet

Back to Stuttgart. We’re sure you’ll enjoy our City Review!

Fountain Stuttgart

A new experience for us. Our first impressions of Sofitel Brussels Europe!

Room Sofitel Brussels Europe

From new to old, but still amazing: Our hiking trip at Lake Constance summed up!

Hiking at Lake Constnace

Brussels has many lovely attractions. We pictured two in our first impressions!

Park in Brussels

The new Brussels Airlines Lounge at the airport is also very impressive!

THE LOFT surfaces

New name, but the same end: Our look back keeps on ending with our photo of the week!

De Hoop National Park South Africa



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