Running at Scharmützelsee

Running at Scharmützelsee was one of my nature runs. Usually, I’m running in metropolises, but when we stay at holiday resorts from time to time, I also enjoy running in the nature. At Scharmützelsee, a large lake east of Berlin, running was especially enjoyable due to the combination of nice views of the water and explained nature.

Running at Scharmützelsee started with GPS problems for me.

  • Distance: ~7 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: ~50 Meters
  • Calories burned: ~350-450
  • Month: July
  • Weather: Cloudy

As the weather was very cloudy and no sun was visible at all, the GPS decided to stay asleep, while I started running in the morning.

Running at Scharmützelsee

My jogging route at Scharmützelsee (rarely tracked by Runtastic)

Nevertheless, it’s quite easy to track my running trip as I decided to just follow the route right next to the Scharmützelsee.

A-Rosa Scharmützelsee

I started my run at A-Rosa Scharmützelsee

If you are following the paths, you can’t go wrong with this route if you start at the A-Rosa Scharmützelsee as I did!

Exploring an interesting forest

The Scharmützelsee doesn’t have a beach in this area, meaning you can’t run exactly next to the water.

Instead, I ran on an elevated path in the forest which was quite beautiful as it was extremely quiet and the only thing I heard were birds.

Running at Scharmützelsee

Lovely atmosphere: Running in the forest next to the lake

At some point or another, you’ll also get to nice viewpoints where you can have a look at the immense lake. Something utterly interesting were the explanation signs with information about the trees and plants in the forest.

While enjoying a great run, I was able to learn something new about the nature in the area. Just great!

Stunning views of the lake

After a few kilometers, I reached a campsite which had a very nice beach.

Running at Scharmützelsee

A glance of Scharmützelsee

I even saw someone swimming there, but the views of the lake were just too enjoyable to care.

This was especially great as the sky looked like it would be evening, but it was morning actually.

Running at Scharmützelsee

Cloudy with a little sun in the background

When leaving the campsite, I stumbled upon some residential buildings in the middle of the forest.

It must definitely be quite interesting to live here, especially with the cute horses that were standing in front of one of the houses.

De-tour through the forest

As I didn’t want to go back the exact same way, I followed a small path through the forest which was very enjoyable, especially for an experienced runner.

On paths like these, you always have to watch your step and be aware of trees, something I utterly enjoy when running in the morning.

Several hundred meters later, I was back on one of the large paths, more boring, but not less enjoyable as I once again found amazing viewpoints.

Running at Scharmützelsee

On the way back, I found some nice viewpoints again

This combination of forest, small beaches and great viewpoints made running at Scharmützelsee very special.

Back “home” with some great views

On my way back, I decided to pay the small harbor facilities right next to A-Rosa Scharmützelsee a visit. There is a small landing stage and attached a boathouse which is also operating as a restaurant.

Running at Scharmützelsee

Landing stage with boats

From the landing stage, you may once again enjoy incredible views of the lake. Especially when it’s cloudy, it’s very windy on the landing stage, but it gives you a very special feeling at the same time.

If you got the chance to visit the Scharmützelsee when you stay in Berlin, I’d definitely recommend to bring your running clothes as jogging by the lake and in the forest is utterly amazing!


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