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The Mark Prague was recently reopened under a new name. We took the opportunity to stay at the rebranded hotel when we spent a night in Prague in July. Even though The Mark Prague is one of the most expensive hotels in the city, it’s definitely worth checking out. Spacious, modern and luxurious rooms, very good cuisine and excellent service make the hotel a real pleasure for guests.

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When we arrived at The Mark Prague, we were a little early for check-in.

  • Classification: Five Star
  • Room Category: Executive Suite
  • Month of Stay: July

As the room was not ready yet, we were invited to enjoy a Welcome Drink, either an iced tea or any hot beverage of our choice.

The Mark Prague Welcome Drink

Welcome Drink at The Mark Prague

A good drink, a nice atmosphere and a warm welcome. Our first impression of The Mark Prague were very good.

After enjoying the city for some hours, we came back to The Mark Prague to finally see our room.

The kind receptionist informed us about an upgrade to an Executive Suite. Our first impression could have hardly been any better!

Executive Suite at The Mark Prague

The Executive Suite we were assigned had two rooms, one large living room and a smaller bedroom.

The Mark Prague Executive Suite

Living Room of our Executive Suite

In the latter, there was a double bed with two separate mattresses, something very common throughout Europe. In the bedroom, there were also a working desk, two bedside tables and a large flat-screen television.

The Mark Prague Executive Suite

Bedroom of the Executive Suite

Next to the bedroom, we found a little walk-in wardrobe which comes very handy when you got more luggage than we usually have.

More important, the living room was extremely comfortable. Two large sofas, a large desk with three chairs and a little kitchenette with a Nespresso machine made the living room cozy and practical at the same time.

All furniture in the Executive Suite at The Mark Prague is of the highest quality, something you shouldn’t take for granted in a luxury hotel as there are some exceptions.

Bathroom(s) at The Mark Prague

Our Executive Suite at The Mark Prague came with two bathrooms.

The Mark Prague Executive Suite

Master bathroom in the Executive Suite

One very little guest bathroom, consisting of only a sink and a toilet as well as a large master bathroom with a deep-soaking bathtub, a rain-shower, a toilet and a sink. Interestingly, neither the shower nor the toilet were separated and there was just a single sink.

Usually, you’d expect a suite to have a somewhat larger bathroom. Nevertheless, the bathrooms we enjoyed at The Mark Prague were exceptionally luxurious and once again had furniture of the highest quality.

The Mark Prague Executive Suite

Toiletries by Floris

Even though the bathroom layout could have made it a little more private in terms of separating the toilet, it was great nevertheless.

Gym & Pool at The Mark Prague

Guests of The Mark Prague may either enjoy access to a small fitness room in the hotel itself (which was closed when we stayed at the hotel) or to the nearby gym World Class Fitness Prague which is literally around the corner.

The Mark Prague Gym

The gym leaves a lot to be desired

We decided to give it a try, but were a little disappointed. After seeing our extremely luxurious and also somewhat modern room at The Mark Prague, the old and worn out gym was a real downer.

The Mark Prague Pool

The pool is nice for swimming

Even though all machines and free weights you’d expect in a gym were there, the machines were very old and not well maintained. There was also a pool with some loungers, a sauna and a steam bath, but all lacked privacy and coziness.

It’s also a little strange to leave the hotel to change in a nearby gym just to enjoy the pool, so I wouldn’t recommend to go to the pool unless you also want to go for a workout in the gym itself.

Dinner at The Mark Prague

After our visit to the gym, we decided to have dinner at The Mark Prague.

The Mark Prague Dinner

Seating in the Conservatory

The Grill Restaurant that evening offered seating in the garden or in the conservatory. We opted for the latter as it was a little bit cold that evening. The menu of the Grill Restaurant at The Mark Prague looked very good at first sight.

We opted for a three course dinner and were not disappointed.

The Mark Prague Dinner


Not only the taste of the creamy soup, the salad, the beef we both enjoyed as a main course or the cake as a dessert was very good, but also the large portions were a plus.

These were so big that Sabrina decided to even skip dessert, something she usually never does. Never. The waiters which did a streaky job serving us also offered bread and rolls throughout the dinner, filling us up even more.

The Mark Prague Dinner

Beef filet

The Mark Prague Dinner


After our meal, we decided to enjoy a cocktail in the inner courtyard. We were instantly offered blankets for our comfort and utterly enjoyed the drinks.

While being expensive, I’d definitely recommend the gastronomy of The Mark Prague. Even though the service could step up a bit, the quality was absolutely great!

Breakfast at The Mark Prague

The last part of our hotel review of The Mark Prague is breakfast. The Mark Prague offers its guests an extensive breakfast buffet which consists of several cold and some hot items.

The Mark Prague Breakfast

Breakfast buffet at The Mark Prague

Service was very good all the time, while seating in the restaurant is a little bothersome as the tables are located close next to each other. The cold buffet is very extensive with several yoghurts, mueslis, fruits, cold cuts, cheeses and much more available.

The hot items on the buffet were limited to scrambled eggs with some sausages and some sweet choices including pancakes. The Mark Prague also offers the service of freshly preparing hot choices by order.

The Mark Prague Breakfast

Very good omelet

We made use of this offering and went for waffles and an omelet. Both dishes came hot and were very good. All in all, breakfast at The Mark Prague is enjoyable and feels very exclusive.

The Mark Prague Breakfast

Even better waffles!

I’d recommend giving it a try, especially as there are also cool specials like an orange press to freshly squeeze your juice yourself!

Overall impression of The Mark Prague

After we thoroughly tested all facilities of The Mark Prague, we can safely say that the hotel is worth its price tag.

The Mark Prague Executive Suite

Our Executive Suite was great in every regard

When an experience starts with a welcome drink and ends with a warm good bye, there is still much that can wrong in-between. At The Mark Prague, nothing went wrong. Dinner was good, breakfast was very good.

The Mark Prague Executive Suite

Everything at The Mark Prague is utterly luxurious

Our Executive Suite was tastefully designed, spacious and also very calm. The only little downer is the gym with pool facilities around the corner. It’s fine for workout, but for nothing more and not really a gym you’d expect to partner with a luxury hotel.

The Mark Prague Dinner

The cuisine at The Mark Prague is very good, too

Nevertheless, we’d definitely come back to The Mark Prague as all employees try their best to make your stay memorable!

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