Rostock: Top things to do and see

Rostock, located in the North of Germany, is known for a fresh breathe – no wonder as Rostock is right next to the Baltic Sea. But the Hanseatic city Rostock has so much more to offer than just fresh air and wind! If you are more the type for cities off the beaten track, Rostock is the perfect city to visit. Interested? Here’s what to do and see in Rostock best.

  1. Discover Rostock’s Old Town

Interested in architecture? History? Rostock’s old town is the best combination of both! When strolling around, I’m sure everyone will get an idea of past centuries!

Market in the Old Town

  1. Keep an eye out for the Old City Wall

As already mentioned, Rostock’s old town is very historic. As the beginnings of Rostock dates back to 1161, its old city wall has played an important role in protecting the city from enemies.

City Wall in Rostock

Today, it is partly conserved and really worth keeping an eye out for!

  1. Take a glance at the Town Hall

When having such a wonderful old town, it’s simply logical to place the decision-making of the city there, right?

Town Hall in Rostock

Not any surprisingly, the Town Hall of Rostock is a true highlight itself!

  1. Indulge in a student’s life

Well, admittedly not literally. Rostock is also known for having a very good university which can also be found in the pedestrian zone of the old town.

Rostock University

I wouldn’t go in and “disturb” the students, but admiring their second home is not forbidden!

  1. Rostock’s seven churches

Looking for a challenge? I have something for you!

Rostock St. Peter's Church

There are seven churches in Rostock. And they are not located next to each other. So one goal is to find all seven churches of Rostock, taking a picture and laugh in the aftermaths about that challenge!

  1. Walk right next to the Baltic Sea

Just take a break and stroll next to the Baltic Sea, I promise you’ll like it! Some fresh air, a bit of wind and admiring some historical shipbuilding definitely is enjoyable!


View of the Baltic Sea in Rostock

View of the Baltic Sea

Rostock at the Baltic Sea

Rostock at the Baltic Sea

Rostock at the Baltic Sea

Rostock at the Baltic Sea

  1. Indulge in architecture

Yes, it is absolutely worth to make a specific point of Rostock’s architecture, as it is the main part which makes Rostock so worth visiting!



Old Town Rostock

Old Town Rostock


More about Rostock can be found on our city page!


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