Transportation in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is one of the German cities with the most extensive and comfortable public transportation systems in Germany. It consists of regional trains, the S-Bahn, subway trains, trams and buses. Several lines connect Düsseldorf with other nearby metropolises like Cologne, Leverkusen, Dortmund or Wuppertal. Learn more in our transportation guide.

Transportation in Düsseldorf has strong links to Transportation in Cologne. Both cities are located just a few dozen kilometers away from each other and share a common S-Bahn network. Also, most regional trains have stops in both cities, Düsseldorf and Cologne. Yet, Cologne is not the only city Düsseldorf has close links with. Also other metropolises in the region like Dortmund or Wuppertal are served by trains hundreds of times a week. Especially regional trains, mostly operating in very high frequencies, are the backbone of the transportation system in Düsseldorf.

S-Bahn in Düsseldorf

The S-Bahn is comparable to a light-rail system connecting a city with its suburbs. In Düsseldorf, the S-Bahn is a little more than just that. It’s not only connecting Düsseldorf and its suburbs, but also is important for transportation in the city as well as an addition to the regional train network. Of the S-Bahn Rhein-Ruhr which is compromising of S-Bahn lines in the whole area, seven lines have regular stops in Düsseldorf.

S-Bahn Düsseldorf

There are several different S-Bahn operators in Düsseldorf

The most important one is line S1 which is connecting Düsseldorf with Dortmund, Bochum, Essen, Duisburg as well as Solingen, while lines S6 and S11 connect Düsseldorf with Cologne. Travelers coming from the airport may use S-Bahn lines 1 or 11 which both have stops at Düsseldorf Airport.

S-Bahn lines in Düsseldorf:

  • S1: Dortmund – Düsseldorf Airport – Düsseldorf – Solingen
  • S6: Essen – Düsseldorf – Cologne
  • S7: Wuppertal – Solingen – (Düsseldorf)
  • S11: Düsseldorf Airport – Düsseldorf – Cologne – Bergisch Gladbach
  • S28: Mettmann – Düsseldorf – Kaarster See
  • S68: Wuppertal – Düsseldorf – Langenfeld

Stadtbahn in Düsseldorf

The underground trains in Düsseldorf are called Stadtbahn. The Stadtbahn trains are comparable to the metro or the subway and operate on a higher frequency than the S-Bahn trains. Also, the Stadtbahn in Düsseldorf mainly serves the city center and only some neighboring cities like Krefeld or Dusiburg. There are no connections to the other larger cities in the area with the Stadtbahn.

Stadtbahn Düsseldorf

The Stadtbahn Düsseldorf is underground in the city center

At the moment, there are seven lines, but four more are about to open in 2016. Two other lines are planned. Even though operating underground in the Düsseldorf and Duisburg city center, most Stadtbahn stations are overground. Line U70, also named Express Line, is only operating in rush hour, while other lines are operating all-day-long.

Stadtbahn lines in Düsseldorf:

  • U70: Düsseldorf Central Station – Krefeld
  • U71: Rath – Benrath (2016)
  • U72: Ratingen – Volmerswerth (2016)
  • U73: Gerresheim – Universität (2016)
  • U74: Benrath – Düsseldorf Central Station – Meerbusch
  • U75: Eller – Düsseldorf Central Station – Neuss
  • U76: Handelszentrum – Düsseldorf Central Station – Krefeld
  • U77: Holthausen – Düsseldorf Central Station – Am Seestern
  • U78: Düsseldorf Central Station – ESPRIT Arena
  • U79: Duisburg – Düsseldorf Central Station – Universität
  • U80: ESPRIT Arena – Düsseldorf Airport (planned)
  • U81: Neuss – Düsseldorf Airport – Ratingen (planned)
  • U83: Gerresheim – Benrath (2016)

Trams in Düsseldorf

In addition to the S-Bahn and the Stadtbahn, there is also a tram system in Düsseldorf. With eleven lines in total, the tram is the best means of transportation when getting around in the areas of Düsseldorf where there is no Stadtbahn. Most tram lines got several stops with connections to the S-Bahn, Stadtbahn, regional trains and buses.

Tram Düsseldorf

All trams are very modern and convenient

Except lines 703, 706, 712, 713 and 715, all tram lines stop at Düsseldorf Central Station. Due to the changes in the network of the Stadtbahn, the tram system will shrink starting from 2016. It is planned that only seven out of eleven lines will keep operating.

Tram lines in Düsseldorf:

  • 701: Rath – Benrath
  • 703: Gerresheim – Kirchfeldstraße
  • 704: Merziger Straße – Düsseldorf Central Station – Südfriedhof
  • 706: Bilk – Bilk (Circle Line)
  • 707: Unterrath – Düsseldorf Central Station – Universität
  • 708: Mörsenbroich – Düsseldorf Central Station – Hamm
  • 709: Gerresheim – Düsseldorf Central Station – Neuss
  • 712: Ratingen – Volmerswerth
  • 713: Gerresheim – Christophstraße
  • 715: Unterrath – Vennhauser Allee
  • 719: Bruchstraße – Düsseldorf Central Station – Medienhafen

Buses in Düsseldorf

Transportation in Düsseldorf looks very challenging at first sight. Public transportation is not only consisting of the three different train systems, but also of buses. These are mainly operating in the areas of Düsseldorf where there are no rails.

Bus Düsseldorf

Buses operate on routes without rails

Moreover, buses operate to connect different train lines with each other. Luckily, passengers may use the same ticket for all mentioned means of transport. With all tickets, you may easily interchange between buses, trams, the Stadtbahn and the S-Bahn. However, tickets are not very cheap.

Taxis in Düsseldorf

If you feel like the public transportation system in Düsseldorf is too complicated, you can still use a taxi. All taxis in Düsseldorf are modern cars with comfortable seats and the highest safety standards. Yet, this quality has a hefty price tag. The initial fare for taxis in Düsseldorf is 4.50 Euro (~ 5 US-Dollar). Every further kilometer is charged 2.20 Euro (~ 2.45 US-Dollar), while waiting time comes with a charge of 0.58 Euro (~ 0.65 US-Dollar) per minute.

Taxi Düsseldorf

Taxi fares in Düsseldorf are very high

There are no surcharges for rides on public holidays or at nighttime in Düsseldorf. Yet, there is an extra charge for credit card payment which is 2 Euro (~ 2.25 US-Dollar). Last but not least, there’s a special fare between Düsseldorf Airport and the Düsseldorf Fair. Passengers pay 20 Euro (~ 22 US-Dollar) on this particular route.

  • The base fare for taxis in Düsseldorf is 4.50 Euro (~ 5 US-Dollar)
  • Every kilometer is charged 2.20 Euro (~ 2.45 US-Dollar)
  • Rides from the airport to the fair are charged 20 Euro (~ 22 US-Dollar)

Other means of transport in Düsseldorf

Even though Düsseldorf is not as touristic as other German cities, there are some special means of transport available in the city. First of all, there are hop-on hop-off buses for all those who want to explore the city in a special way. Moreover, river cruises on the river Rhine (mostly in connection with a visit to Cologne) are offered.

River Rhine Düsseldorf

The rhine offers great opportunities for boat trips

In the city center, you may also find funny modes of transport like rickshaws. It’s also worth a mention that there are city bikes available for small charges. As there are many stations throughout the city, the bikes are easy and convenient to use in Düsseldorf.


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