City Guide: Athens

Athens is a city about which Europe was speaking a lot in the last months. Debt crisis, misery of Greece’s inhabitants. Nevertheless, tourism is flourishing in Greece like ever before. No wonder taking into account which cultural heritage Greece and especially Athens has to offer! When being a fan of history, Athens definitely is a must-go!

Athens is one of the oldest cities of the world. Moreover, it was named as one of the 50 top cities to visit in 2014! We did and we can safely say that Athens really has a hell lot to offer!

Sunset at Mount Lycabettus

Following a hint of a local, we set off before sunset to Mount Lycabettus. Honestly, it was a bit hard for us to find the so-called Teleferik, Athen’s funicular.

Organization was a pure catastrophe, but at least, we got up without walking. A small restaurant was the first thing we saw.

Lycabettus Athens Restaurant

We were told to not eat there due to high prices. Admittedly, it may not be one of the cheapest choices of the city, but was far away from being very expensive either. Priceless in contrast were the beautiful views of Athens we could enjoy during the sunset!

Mount Lycabettus in Athens was one of our highlights for sure which we won’t ever forget!

“Hidden” relics in Athens

The next day, we strolled around in the city of Athens. Discovering something new – or better something very old – definitely is not too hard in the city of Athens.

Unbelievable that these few columns are that old!

Meeting the Acropolis

More by accident than planned, we stumbled literally upon the Acropolis. As we didn’t even know where we were in Athens, we realized that it got busier and that there were more tourists. Thanks to the EU, it was free of charge for us to climb the Acropolis!

Athens Acropolis

When climbing up, beautiful views of Athens can be enjoyed. As beautiful as they are, I still liked the one from Lycabettus better.

View of Lycabettus Athens

However, interesting sights of important landmarks could be enjoyed nevertheless.

View of Temple Athens

Finally, we had beaten the „steep mountain“, so we could fight again for a good spot to enjoy history and culture. There were masses of tourists, which I did not take a photo of.

Theater of Dionysos Athens

Instead, the Theater of Dionysos really is worth a picture! So were the Erechtheum as well as the Parthenon.

Erechtheum Acropolis Athens


Erechtheum Acropolis Athens


Parthenon Acropolis Athens


Unfortunately, the Parthenon was under construction/renovation works when we visited Athens and its Acropolis.

Heat, parks and water

In August, it was unbearable hot in Athens. Luckily, it seems to be a federal rule that a bottle of still water (0.5 l) has to cost 50 cent. Which made it possible for us to explore and discover Athens really in-depth.

Doing that, we stumbled upon comparatively many parks. Especially the one behind the parliament was enjoyable!

Parliament Athens

However, Athens is politically struggling at the moment.

Swastika in Athens


Symbols like above were not rare. But in the city itself, the flair of the inhabitants is not hostile towards tourists.

Zappeion Athens

Zappeion Athens

Admittedly, nobody was near the Zappeion, but in the inner city, things were different.

Inner City Athens

Seems like the Athenians have realized that tourists are their most reliable source of income at the moment. I really do hope that the situation for them will become better as soon as possible as they were without exception friendly and kind.

Last but not least, we caught a short look at the Panathinaiko Stadium Athens. The end of a stunning tour through Athens!


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