Lounge Review: SLOW Lounge Cape Town

SLOW Lounge Cape Town is definitely the best domestic lounge we ever have been to. That’s not only because we didn’t expect something “amazing”, but also because the quality of pretty much everything is amazing. At SLOW Lounge Cape Town, a large buffet, comfortable seating, toilets with a view and even complimentary massages are offered. The only downer is the slow Wi-Fi.

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SLOW Lounge Cape Town is located after security control close to all domestic gates at Cape Town International Airport.

That means that you don’t have to walk for more than 10 minutes from the lounge to your gate regardless of where you are departing.

SLOW Lounge Cape Town Seating

SLOW Lounge Cape Town is very large with two decks

Access to SLOW Lounge Cape Town is granted to everyone flying business class, holding a special FNB Credit Card or being an oneworld Emerald or Sapphire member regardless of the class you are flying.

Seating at SLOW Lounge Cape Town

SLOW Lounge Cape Town is a very modern lounge with plenty of seating spots available.

SLOW Lounge Cape Town Seating

There’s a lot of seating with a view at SLOW Lounge Cape Town

It’s a two level lounge which doesn’t look very large at first sight as pretty much everyone stays on the lower floor which offers several different relaxation, working and dining seating options. The upper floor was way less occupied when we checked out the lounge.

SLOW Lounge Cape Town Seating

The area next to the buffet is usually quite crowded

There is a second buffet and also a second dining area. At the end of the upper level, there’s another area with couches and armchairs where you can relax prior departure. All couches, chairs and armchairs are in perfect condition and utterly comfortable.

The view on both levels is very enjoyable as you can see most of the tarmac and the gates with all the regional planes that depart and land at Cape Town International Airport.

Buffet at SLOW Lounge Cape Town

Even though seating was very good, the buffet was what flashed us at SLOW Lounge Cape Town. In domestic lounges, you usually find some sandwiches, cookies and maybe some fruits and nothing more than that.

SLOW Lounge Cape Town Buffet

The buffet at SLOW Lounge Cape Town is very extensive

At SLOW Lounge Cape Town, instead, we encountered an amazing lunch spread that could easily have been served in a five star hotel.

SLOW Lounge Cape Town Buffet

Not only the choice, but also the taste of the dishes is amazing

The Sandwiches, cheeses, canapés, salads, soups, cut fruits, pastries and some hot dishes like Mac & Cheese did not only look good, but also tasted amazing.

While eating, I’d recommend to try one of the freshly squeezed (!) juices available next to the buffet.

SLOW Lounge Cape Town Buffet

Freshly squeezed juices on the buffet

There are also alcohols and soft drinks, but the juices were so good that we decided to skip other drinks. For sure, you can also enjoy all common coffee specialties.

Entertainment at SLOW Lounge Cape Town

If there’s anything negative we have to point out in this lounge review, it is entertainment at SLOW Lounge Cape Town.

SLOW Lounge Cape Town Magazines

Extensive choice of magazines

By no means was the spread of newspapers and magazines bad, but it was limited to South African papers and very few international releases. Anyway, that’s totally fine for a domestic lounge.

SLOW Lounge Cape Town Books

You may even read a book at SLOW Lounge Cape Town

What was more of a downer was the Wi-Fi at SLOW Lounge Cape Town which totally matched the name of the lounge. In 30 minutes, we were hardly able to get our mails even opened. The speed of Wi-Fi is definitely something SLOW Lounge Cape Town has to work on.

Even though the lounge was quite packed, basic internet access is a must. Other entertainment options like the several modern flat-screen televisions showing news were absolutely decent.

Massages at SLOW Lounge Cape Town

Something that definitely needs a special mention when writing a lounge review about SLOW Lounge Cape Town is the massage service. When we entered the lounge 90 minutes before boarding, we were asked by the friendly employee whether we wanted to enjoy a complimentary 25 minutes massage.

SLOW Lounge Cape Town Treatment Room

SLOW Lounge Cape Town offers complimentary relaxing massages

For sure, we were not able to resist and enjoyed a great massage by a professional masseur. We gave the friendly lady some tip, but this is not mandatory, so you can enjoy a totally complimentary massage before boarding. Something utterly amazing in a domestic lounge. Anyway, you should be aware that there is only one masseur which means that there are only two spots for treatments each hour.

Bottom line SLOW Lounge Cape Town

If there didn’t were issues with Wi-Fi while we enjoyed SLOW Lounge Cape Town, I might say that SLOW Lounge Cape Town is the best lounge we’ve ever been to. The buffet is amazing, not only compared to other domestic lounges. Seating is comfortable and the options are plenty.

SLOW Lounge Cape Town Tarmac View

Not only the view at SLOW Lounge Cape Town is great

The offered entertainment is rich with all major newspapers and magazines published in South Africa available. The large modern televisions are also great for watching some TV. Even though service was great, too, there’s something else that needs to be spotlighted in the very end of this lounge review.

At SLOW Lounge Cape Town, you can not only enjoy Molton Brown amenities in the shower and toilet facilities, but you can also enjoy a “loo with a view” of the tarmac. Amazing? No, definitely more than that! These words also sum our overall experience of the stunning SLOW Lounge Cape Town!


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