Transportation in Bremen

Transportation in Bremen is slightly less complicated than in most other German metropolises. The network consists of the Regio S-Bahn, which is comparable to light commuter rail, several tram lines and dozens of bus lines. As in most German cities, taxis are quite expensive, making the fast and convenient public transport the best option for tourists.

Bremen has a long history when it comes to train travel. Due to that, there are several different rail routes till today. Especially the regional network is well developed with connections to all major cities in neighboring Lower Saxony. There are all regional connections to Hamburg and other important German cities in the West of the country. Not to forget about several long distance trains which have stops in Bremen. Most German cities including Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt can be reached without having to change the train.

Regio S-Bahn in Bremen

The regional trains in Bremen are supported by the so-called Regio S-Bahn. This light commuter rail is a project by the German federal states Bremen and Lower Saxony as most of the rails are actually in the latter state. Nevertheless, all four lines have a stop at Bremen Central Station. Especially line RS1 is of importance for public transportation in Bremen as there are several stops in the city.

S-Bahn in Bremen

The Regio S-Bahn is very important for transportation in Bremen

Another important line is RS2 which connects Bremen with the enclave Bremerhaven right by the sea. Bremen Central Station is the only station where all lines stop, but there are also several other exchange points between two different lines. It’s also worth noting that the Regio S-Bahn is one of the few light rail systems in Germany which is not operated by the Deutsche Bahn.

Regio S-Bahn lines in Bremen:

  • RS1: Bremen-Frage – Bremen Central Station – Verden
  • RS2: Bremerhaven-Lehe – Bremen Central Station – Twistringen
  • RS3: Bremen Central Station – Bad Zwischenahn
  • RS4: Bremen Central Station – Nordenham

Trams in Bremen

Bremen has a developed tram network with nine different lines of which two are only operating in rush hour. In comparison to the Regio S-Bahn which operates in a 30 minutes or one hour frequency, the trams in Bremen operate way more frequently. All lines operate every 5 to 20 minutes with some lines like line 4 or line 6 driving especially frequent.

Tram in Bremen

Most tram lines in Bremen operate very frequently

Even though most tram lines stop at Bremen Central Station or Domsheide, there is no direct connection between all tram lines. Lines 1S (only in the morning) and 4S only operate in rush hour and leave some stops out to allow faster rides. All trains are modern and accessible and though can be used by everyone without any issues. Three of the lines are also operating at nighttime (N1, N4, N10).

Tram lines Bremen:

  • Line 1: Huchting – Bremen Central Station – Bahnhof Mahndorf
  • Line 1S: Tenever – Kirchbachstraße
  • Line 2: Gröpelingen – Domsheide – Sebaldsbrücke
  • Line 3: Gröpelingen – Domsheide – Weserwehr
  • Line 4: Falkenberg – Bremen Central Station – Domsheide – Arsten
  • Line 4S: Falkenberg – Kirchbachstraße
  • Line 6: Universität – Domsheide – Bremen Central Station – Bremen Airport (Flughafen)
  • Line 8: Huchting – Domsheide – Bremen Central Station – Kulenkampffallee
  • Line 10: Gröpelingen – Bremen Central Station – Sebaldsbrücke

Buses in Bremen

In addition to the tram network, there are dozens of bus lines in Bremen. There are also seven night bus lines which support the three night tram lines. The buses are as convenient and modern as the trams and all accessible, making transportation for the disabled in Bremen easy and convenient. All buses with just two numbers are city buses while all buses with three numbers are regional buses which connect Bremen with districts in Lower Saxony.

Bus in Bremen

Buses are operating on all routes without rails

In the city area of Bremen, there is a fixed price model for all means of public transportation. Single tickets are available for 2.60 Euro (~ 2.90 US-Dollar) while day tickets cost 7.50 Euro (~ 8.40 US-Dollar) for one person. Especially day tickets are way cheaper when you travel with friends or family. If you just board a tram or a bus for a very short ride of a maximum of three further stations, you can buy a short-haul ticket for just 1.40 Euro (~ 1.55 US-Dollar). Before buying tickets, you should check whether your hotel has tourist tickets in stock as most hotels offer free use of public transportation in Bremen!

  • Hotels in Bremen usually offer free tickets for public transportation
  • Single tickets cost 2.60 Euro (~ 2.90 US-Dollar)
  • Day tickets cost 7.50 Euro (~ 8.40 US-Dollar)

Taxis in Bremen

Bremen has fixed taxi prices which doesn’t mean that taking a taxi in the city is any cheap. The base fare is 3.30 Euro (~ 3.70 US-Dollar) and every kilometer is charged 2.05 Euro (~ 2.30 US-Dollar). The fare drops to 1.80 Euro (~ 2 US-Dollar) per kilometer starting from the fifth driven kilometer and even further from the eleventh kilometer onwards.

Taxi in Bremen

Taxis in Bremen are convenient, but expensive

A ride from Bremen Airport to the city center is charged 18 Euro (~ 20 US-Dollar). Taking a taxi in Bremen is expensive, but very safe and convenient at the same time. All cars are modern and in good shape and taxi drivers are supposed to be friendly.

  • The base fare for taxis in Bremen is 3.30 Euro (~ 3.70 US-Dollar)
  • Kilometers 1 to 4 are charged 2.05 Euro (~ 2.30 US-Dollar)
  • Kilometers 5 to 10 are charged 1.80 Euro (~ 2 US-Dollar)
  • A ride from the airport to the city center costs 18 Euro (~ 20 US-Dollar)

Other means of transportation in Bremen

Bremen has a well-developed city bike system with stations throughout the city. You may either bike through the city or along the Weser with its beautiful promenade.

Wester Bremen

The Weser promenade is amazing for cycling

Other special means of transportation include tourist boats on the Weser which operate mostly in summer. For touristic purposes, there are also some funny modes of transportation which can be found in the inner city!


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