Running in Hermanus

Running in Hermanus was anything but enjoyable at first. Why? Because it was freezing cold! If you see the following pictures in our running guide, you’ll think I’m totally crazy, but I’m not. Even though the weather was clear and it was sunny, this winter morning in Hermanus was extremely cold. Nevertheless, the brilliant beaches and scenic views made totally up for the cold.

If you go running in Hermanus, you can’t really go wrong.

  • Distance: 6 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 110 Meters
  • Calories burned: 350-450
  • Month: August
  • Weather: Clear

Regardless on where you are residing,it’s always just a short way to the beach. The endless beaches in Hermanus is why people from Cape Town come here for weekends or even to make holidays.

Running in Hermanus

Map of my run in Hermanus (tracked by Runtastic)

And to be honest, this is nothing but the right decision. What was totally amazing when I was running in Hermanus is that due to the cold and the fact that I was running early in the morning, nobody else was on the beach!

Running on the beach

You like running on the beach? Well, you should definitely go to Hermanus. When I got down to the sandy beaches, I faced a cold breath, but also enjoyed views I still can’t believe were real.

Running in Hermanus

If just every run could start like this…

The endless beaches in the bay make you feel like you are in paradise. Especially with no people around you, everything feels totally surreal.

Running in Hermanus

No civilization in sight

As I decided to run in the direction of the city center of Hermanus, I expected that I’ll encounter civilization rather sooner than later, but no.

Instead, I kept on enjoying running in a nature paradise which is hard to compare to anything else.

Crossing the rocks

There’s a reason why this part of the beach in Hermanus is so beautiful and not any touristic: There’s no direct connection from the beach to the main beaches of the city.

Running in Hermanus

On the rocks next to the beach

Instead, you have to cross the rocks to get from one beach to another. If you go running in Hermanus, I’d recommend to rather take the normal path I took on my way back as running on the rocks can be very dangerous from time to time.

Nevertheless, the pleasure of stunning views and a real experience was something I couldn’t resist! In the pictures you’ll see why!

Running in the beautiful nature

Running in Hermanus was not only a beach running experience, but also a combination of beach and nature running.

Running in Hermanus

The beaches in Hermanus are beautiful

The “normal” path is located a few meters away from the beach in something like a small forest. Even though the views are not the same as on the beach, running on this path was quite enjoyable, too.

That’s especially true as the path sometimes makes you feel like you are part of a fairytale. When I was returning to where I started, I got back to the beach nevertheless.

Running in Hermanus

Running further away from the beach isn’t bad either

To enjoy the views again was something I just couldn’t resist!

Enjoying incredible beaches

The location of Hermanus is something utterly special. The city is located close to the Kleinriviersvlei Dam which connects with the ocean right on the beach.

At some times of the day, you can’t get from one side to another without swimming. When I was running, it was such a moment.

Running in Hermanus

This part of the beaches is very special, but stunning at the same time

But as I was only on a small detour before going back to the hotel, it did not bother me at all. Especially as I could enjoy some more stunning views before getting back to our beachfront hotel Mosselberg on Grotto Beach.

I think there’s no need for a summary of this run as the pictures speak for themselves. If you visit Hermanus, you just have to go for a run, too!


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    • It’s indeed a very special place. If you have the pleasure to go to Cape Town, you should definitely make the trip to beautiful Hermanus! 🙂

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