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Swissôtel Bremen is one of the best-rated luxury hotels in the city. Located just a few steps away from the business district, old town and all major attractions, Swissôtel Bremen is the perfect hotel for sightseeing and business purposes at the same time. Modern rooms, very good food and friendly staff made us utterly enjoy our stay at Swissôtel Bremen!

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At first sight, Swissôtel Bremen looks like a normal business hotel.

  • Classification: Five Star
  • Room Category: Advantage Room
  • Month of Stay: June

Yet, you’ll definitely feel the difference when entering the hotel as the design is sleek and minimalistic, but homely at the same time.

Swissôtel Bremen Lobby

Lobby of Swissôtel Bremen

One of the things that made my first impression very good was the nice little lounging and business area next to the reception.

Water and some fruits as well as newspapers were provided free of charge. There should be definitely more hotels offering services like this.

Our check-in experience was very smooth, but the waiting time was a little long.

Advantage Room at Swissôtel Bremen

Swissôtel Bremen offers 230 rooms and five different categories. The Swiss Advantage Room is right in the middle of the category scheme and offers park view.

Swissôtel Bremen Advantage Room

Advantage Room at Swissôtel Bremen

The room itself is not very spacious with just 27 square meters (291 square meters), but totally sufficient for a city hotel. The Advantage Room comes with a King Bed as well as an armchair which are both very comfortable.

There’s also a long board opposite of the bed where you can find enough space for working as well as an older flat-screen television.

Small bedside tables, a nice lighting concept with different free standing lamps and a very nice design with an individual quote in every room add more comfort to the room. The view was just average as it was not really park view, but rather partly street view.

Swissôtel Bremen Advantage Room

“Park View”

Nevertheless, we found the room to be very comfortable due to the sleek and appealing design and the pure functionality.

Bathroom at Swissôtel Bremen

The bathroom of the Advantage Room at Swissôtel Bremen was a little disappointment in comparison. While the room feels very spacious, the bathroom feels quite cramped.

Swissôtel Bremen Advantage Room

Bathroom of the Advantage Room at Swissôtel Bremen

On very few square meters, there’s a bath-shower combo, a single sink and a toilet. All were exceptional well cleaned and the shower worked well. There was also enough space over the toilet and next to the sink.

Nevertheless, we would have expected a larger and somewhat more comfortable bathroom in a luxury hotel. Another surprise was the absence of conditioner.

Swissôtel Bremen Advantage Room

Toiletries at Swissôtel Bremen

The toiletries by “pürovel Spa & Sport”, a brand by Swissôtel, only included shower gel, shampoo, body lotion, cotton pads, cotton buds, a shower cap and a file. While the quality was good, we expected a little more in that regard.

Gym & Spa at Swissôtel Bremen

Being kind of a fitness freak, I decided to give the gym a try before having dinner. Sadly, the gym of Swissôtel Bremen was a pure disappointment.

Swissôtel Bremen Gym

Gym at Swissôtel Bremen

Five cardio machines, a few weights (1 to 10 kilogram), towels and glasses. A funny note aside: There were glasses, but no water provided. That said, you had to get water from the tap in the restrooms.

As the fitness training was not very satisfying like that, I decided to check out the little Spa which looked very nice at first sight. A steam bath, a sauna and a little relaxation area with four loungers. Sadly, neither the sauna nor the steam bath were on operation.

As I was later told, Swissôtel Bremen is searching for a new operator of the gym and the sauna and steam bath facilities. I can just hope that they’ll find someone soon as the facilities look decent, but the outturn is quite bad at the moment.

Dinner at Swissôtel Bremen

After these slight disappointments, we were really looking forward to enjoy dinner at Swissôtel Bremen. The hotel got a relatively exclusive in-house restaurant which is known as one of the better addresses in Bremen.

Swissôtel Bremen Dinner

Dinner at Swissôtel Bremen

The atmosphere totally hits the spot as the restaurant is airy and private at the same time. Service was great throughout our complete dinner and so was our food. There was some bread provided with special butter and another sauce, both very tasty.

Swissôtel Bremen Dinner

Amouse Bouche

Following, we got a nice little amuse bouche and our starter, a creamy soup with asparagus – absolutely amazing. Same is true for the main dish.

Sabrina tried the Risotto with slices of fish, while I had the duck with more asparagus. Our amazing dinner at Swissôtel Bremen was finished by the desert, which looked so appealing that we even forgot to take a photo.

I’m deeply sorry, but as I feel like you should give dinner at Swissôtel Bremen a try nevertheless, you’ll see yourself one day!

Breakfast at Swissôtel Bremen

The next morning after running, we went down to the restaurant again to enjoy the breakfast which was also included in our rate. Breakfast is served in another part of the restaurant which is a little brighter and so perfect for early mornings.

Swissôtel Bremen Breakfast

Breakfast at Swissôtel Bremen

However, you don’t have to get up too early as breakfast at Swissôtel Bremen is served till 12 pm on Sundays! The buffet looked exceptional at first sight with a decent choice of fruits and yoghurts, several different cereals and dried fruits, a selection of rolls, croissants and pastries, cold cuts, cheeses and vegetables as well as different fruit juices and even some sparkling wine.

There was also an area with hot dishes like scrambled eggs or bacon as well as the possibility to order freshly cooked eggs, but we passed that morning after we already enjoyed the great cuisine the last evening.

Swissôtel Bremen Breakfast

There was a nice choice of freshly fruits available

As service was very good once again, we left breakfast with a very good impression. The restaurant of Swissôtel Bremen seems to be good in every regard!

Bottom line Swissôtel Bremen

In conclusion, we enjoyed Swissôtel Bremen very much. The service was on the highest level throughout our stay and the food we enjoyed for dinner and breakfast was amazing, too. The rooms at Swissôtel Bremen are totally sufficient for a city hotel and are nicely designed.

Swissôtel Bremen Reception

Swissôtel Bremen left a good impression on us

Weak points are the mediocre bathroom, the absence of conditioner and the badly equipped gym. Nevertheless, this didn’t influence negatively our overall impression which was very good. If you visit Bremen for business of leisure, we can fully recommend to give Swissôtel Bremen a try!

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