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Manchester is mainly famous for its two very successful soccer clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City. Even though Manchester’s history dates back to Roman times, the city of Manchester played a key role when it comes to the Industrial Revolution. Therefore, Manchester’s city scape is characterized by buildings and architecture of then, but some modern houses crept in as well.

Answering that the next city trip is going to be Manchester, unbelief was the most common reaction: “You told me that you are not a soccer fan, so do you have family in Manchester? No? Then what the heck are you doing there?” Well, sightseeing, at the very end. Discovering, travelling. Despite all the bad prophecies about Manchester, I came to the conclusion that Manchester was well worth my time!

Brick houses from another century

Manchester definitely is a city where you can still see the spurs of history it went through.

Brick houses witness Manchester’s Industrial history. When strolling through the streets in Manchester, you will feel like being thrown back a few centuries!

Detecting Manchester Castlefield

Located in the inner city, Manchester Castlefield is a conservation.

Castlefield Manchester

Castlefield Manchester

Castlefield Manchester

Castlefield Manchester

Castlefield Manchester

Preserving the remains of the Roman era is the main idea of Manchester Castlefield.

Manchester Cathedral

Manchester Cathedral is impressive, yet does not look like a typical church.

Manchester Cathedral

Manchester Cathedral

Even though there has “always” been a church at the place where Manchester Cathedral can be found today, there have been different ones. The actual cathedral was built in the 15th century.

Chinatown in Manchester

One might not think of Manchester being big enough for having an Asian population, but with half a million inhabitants, it seems to be big enough for even calling a quarter Chinatown!

Chinatown Manchester

Chinatown Manchester

As we convinced ourselves, Chinatown offers wares and goods typical Asian.

Manchester Victoria Station

Why do I write about a train/tram/metro station in a city review of Manchester? Because Victoria Station Manchester definitely is something stunning!

Victoria Station has first been opened in 1844, which can be seen when standing outside in front of the façade. But when moving inside, one can see immediately that extension works started – in 2010, causing a needed improvement. Beforehand, Victoria Station was listed at the top ten worst stations in the UK…

Different Museums in Manchester

Manchester is a real stronghold of museums. Whether it is the Manchester Museum itself or one of the others – be sure to plan some extra time to visit one!

Museum of Science and Industry Manchester

National Football Museum

National Football Museum

Museum of Science and Industry, National Football Museum, Manchester Art Gallery, Imperial War Museum or Manchester Jewish Museum seem to be the most popular ones, even if the list is still to be continued!

Opera House and Central Library

As I already got in culture, it is a must to mention the Opera House Manchester and the Central Library.

Opera House Manchester

Opera House Manchester

In the Opera House, Ballet, Opera and Musicals take place on a regular basis.

Library Manchester

When it comes to the Central Library of Manchester, it’s not only the inside which is interesting, but also the building itself – just take a look at the architecture! A pure mixture of different styles through the epochs…

The highest building in Manchester

Generally, Manchester is no city known for its skyscrapers as it just has few. Beetham Tower is special nevertheless.

Beetham Tower Manchester

Beetham Tower is a scurrile contrast to the architecture of the rest of Manchester. However, Hilton made use of the high building – up to the 23rd floor there are Hilton rooms.

Hilton Manchester

Above, apartments are located. Beetham Tower is also the highest skyscraper in the UK when leaving out London. Taking London into account, Beetham Tower ranks at 11 with 169 m (554 feet). So if you want to see a “small London” like locals use to call Manchester, take the opportunity!


Curious where else to experience something special?


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    • I guess I’m in the minority with my opinion of Manchester, thinking of it as something special in a positive way. Different perspectives are a good thing though 🙂

  1. The last time I went to Manchester was in 1998. I really love the red-brick city and to see it all in your pictures reminded me again of how beautiful it still is. Thank you.

    • 1998, that’s been some time. I have just been there in August, but I don’t think Manchester has changed much. Maybe one building or another renovation. Most of it looks like it was first built 🙂 Glad I could remind you of a great time.

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  3. I went to Manchester University and the city definitely still has my heart! It is a truly fabulous yet underrated city with lots of hidden gems! I visited last month on my 10 day return to the UK from Bangkok and it felt like going home!! Did you visit the newly renovated Corn Exchange? x

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