Airline Review: Comair (regional Economy)

Comair operates flights for British Airways in South Africa. Even though the planes look like British Airways ones and the painting and everything else is similar to the mainline, the regional airline Comair is different. The service is friendlier and warmer, the food is quite good for Economy and the planes are way older. Our review of the regional Economy of Comair!

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Flying with Comair feels a little bit like flying in another time.

  • Airplane: Boeing 737-400
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Noon
  • Food: Lunch
  • Seat Pitch: 32 Inch (81 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17 Inch (43 Centimeter)

When we boarded the Boeing 737-400 on our flight from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth, everything looked oddly old. Not only was the airplane more than twenty years old, but the interior was definitely not changed for years, too.

Comair Boeing 737-400 Seating

Comair Boeing 737-400

Even though these first impressions were definitely strange, we enjoyed our flight with Comair. Friendly service and good food made up for the “historic” plane. Time for an airline review of a different kind!

Seating in the Comair Economy Class

Comair has a two-class layout on all operated regional and domestic flights. As we don’t see a real difference when flying on short-haul routes, we decided to just book an economy class ticket.

Comair Boeing 737-400 Seating

Seating in the Comair Economy Class

The seats are old British Airways seats which are by no means comparable to what you can find in British Airways airplanes today. Even though the leather seats were a little run down, they were actually quite comfortable. Both, seat pitch and seat width, are better than average.

For an even more historic touch in the Comair Boeing 737-400, you may enjoy having a look on the seat table or the roof where we found some “antique” lights and air conditioning jets.

Even though the old interior may be bothersome to others, we found seating comfortable which is the most important aspect of flying!

Food in the Comair Economy Class

Even though Comair is anything but cheap on regional flights, we were surprised to be catered a full meal. The last flight we had a real meal in economy class is many years ago.

Comair Food

Lunch in the Comair Economy Class

When flying Comair, we were asked whether we are more likely to have beef or chicken (who needs vegetarian options anyway!). As we always want to try everything, we chose both – let’s say Sabrina chose one and I the other.

Neither of the dishes looked really appetizing, but I have to admit that we both enjoyed the hot meal. While the main course was good, the desert was heavenly. Some creamy pudding or yoghurt with crunch doesn’t sound amazing, but the taste was great.

Last but not least, there was also a little chocolate bar as a second desert.

Entertainment in the Comair Economy Class

Where Comair falls short in our airline review is entertainment. As you’ll most likely expect: The old airplane had no televisions, neither private nor overhead ones. Sadly, there were no newspapers provided either. If you are an oneworld Emerald or Sapphire, you may grab a newspaper or magazine in the lounge prior boarding, but all other passengers have to entertain themselves. There’s a board magazine with some interesting stories, but that’s pretty much it. The old Comair Boeing 737-400 was not equipped with anything like Wi-Fi, too.

Bottom line Comair Economy Class

Flying in South Africa is totally different from flying in Europe. The few airlines operating flights are either low-cost carriers with modern airplanes or network carriers with a quite dated fleet. Even though the Boeing 737-400 of Comair isn’t a state-of-the-art airplane, we enjoyed our experience overall.

The flight attendants were friendly, the food was good and there was even an actual meal. Comair only falls short when it comes to entertainment, but if you bring your laptop or something to read, you’ll be fine anyway. If you are coming to South Africa, you most definitely won’t regret giving Comair a chance!

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