Stockholm: Top things to do and see

Stockholm, capital of Sweden, is the biggest city in whole Scandinavia! Moreover, the Swedish government and parliament can be found there. Additionally, Stockholm is known for being a cultural center. Despite all politics, the flair of Stockholm is really unique and Stockholm is a paradise for sightseeing, especially in summer. All you need to know now is what to do and see in Stockholm!

  1. Make a journey through the medieval old town

Stockholm’s old town definitely is a very charming part of the city – no wonder dating back to the 1300s!

Old Town Stockholm

Old Town Stockholm

Spreading a unique flair, it is utterly enjoyable to discover the architecture and the old buildings which are mostly from the 18th and 19th century! Not to forget about the small cobblestoned streets.

  1. Marvel at Stockholm Palace

Even though the royal couple hasn’t been in the media the last months, it is very interesting nevertheless to have a look at where the king officially resides.

Stockholm Palace

And which Palace isn’t worth looking at?

  1. Get an impression of the Parliament in Stockholm

Neoclassic and Baroque Revival meet when it comes to the architecture of the Parliament in Stockholm.

Parliament Stockholm

Parliament Stockholm

Being built between 1897 and 1905, you can get an impression from the Parliament in Stockholm when strolling around in the old town where this building is also located.

  1. Feel the flair of Stockholm’s canals

Stockholm is a city which causes you to walk long distances when discovering the city by foot. The reason is called water which can be found throughout Stockholm.

Shipt 2

Grand Hotel Stockholm Facade

Baltic Sea

Not only the Baltic Sea, but also canals characterize the townscape of Stockholm. Definitely unique, but strenuous from time to time. However, just indulge in the flair and enjoy yourself!

  1. Visit the Vasa Museum

Honestly, the Vasa Museum is one of the most interesting museums I’ve paid a visit so far. The huge ship is impressive enough itself.

Vasa Museet

Vasa Museet

Vasa Ship

Vasa Ship

But the story behind it was just very touching and moving – all because of a simple construction mistake. Work of two years – going down, sinking.


More stunning things about Stockholm can be found on our city page!


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  1. The Parliament building looks lovely, especially seeing it by the water… but the Vasa ship is especially cool. What’s the story behind it?

  2. I went in February a few years ago and loved the place (despite the below freezing temperatures!). Such a beautiful city. One of our favourite things to do at that time of year was visit a wooden sauna in the woods. After sweating in there for as long as possible we had a dip in the lake – bearing in mind the lake had frozen over so we had to axe some of the ice away before we dipped in!

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