Transportation in Szczecin

Transportation in Szczecin is quite easy for tourists. Today, there are only trams and buses which organize the public transport. Moreover, Polish Railways offers connections with regional trains to nearby cities. The buses and trams in Szczecin are only partly modernized with some still being more than 40 years old.

Szczecin is located close to the German border, which makes many people think that Szczecin would be easy to reach from cities like Berlin or Rostock.

Train Szczecin

There are several connections to nearby cities from Szczecin Central Station

Sadly, that’s not the case as the railway routes are in very bad condition, so the rides take very long. That said, regional connections from Szczecin to nearby cities in Poland and Germany are available, but going by car is definitely faster.

Trams in Szczecin

In the city center of Szczecin and the suburbs of the Polish city, the tram network of Szczecin is the backbone of public transportation. There are twelve lines in total which all cross the inner city at one point or another. Yet, there is no big interchange station in Szczecin where all tram lines got a stop.

Tram Szczecin

Trams are the backbone of the transportation network in Szczecin

For some connections, it’s necessary to change between tram lines at two different stations. The cars of the Szczecin trams are mostly not accessible as there are only twenty modern low floor trams. Currently, three lines are getting extended while one of the main lines in the city center will be renewed to offer faster services in rush hour.

Tram lines in Szczecin:

  • Line 1: Głębokie ↔ Potulicka
  • Line 2: Dworzec Niebuszewo ↔ Turkusowa
  • Line 3: Las Arkoński ↔ Pomorzany
  • Line 4: Potulicka ↔ Pomorzany
  • Line 5: Krzekowo ↔ Stocznia Szczecińska
  • Line 6: Gocław ↔ Pomorzany
  • Line 7: Krzekowo ↔ Basen Górniczy
  • Line 8: Gumieńce ↔ Turkusowa
  • Line 9: Głębokie ↔ Potulicka
  • Line 10: Las Arkoński ↔ Gumieńce
  • Line 11: Ludowa ↔ Pomorzany
  • Line 12: Dworzec Niebuszewo ↔ Pomorzany

Buses in Szczecin

Buses in Szczecin serve all the parts of the city without tram connection. Most of the buses also stop in the city center where guests can interchange between buses and trams as the latter are usually a little bit faster. Nevertheless, buses can be more comfortable as way more of the buses are modern and accessible than trams are. The price system for both means of transport is the same.

Tram Szczecin

You will rarely find buses in the city center

There are four different types of tickets, so-called duration tickets. Tickets for 15 minutes cost 2 PLN (~ 0.47 Euro / 0.53 US-Dollar), tickets for 30 minutes cost 3 PLN (~ 0.71 Euro / 0.8 US-Dollar) and tickets for 60 minutes cost 4 PLN (~ 0.94 Euro / 1.06 US-Dollar). There are also reduced tickets for half the price as well as tickets for so-called “Fast Buses” which cost double the amount of normal tickets.

Taxis in Szczecin

On all major spots in Szczecin, you can also find taxis. Be aware that there is no fixed price for taxis in Szczecin, so you may encounter drivers offering different fares to you. Usually, the base fare is approximately 3 PLN (~ 0.71 Euro / 0.8 US-Dollar). Every kilometer is charged 2 PLN (~ 0.47 Euro / 0.53 US-Dollar) at daytime and 3 PLN (~ 0.71 Euro / 0.8 US-Dollar) at nighttime. Nevertheless, prices may double up if you get the “wrong” driver. Generally, taxis in Szczecin are clean and comfortable, but there are some exceptions.

  • The usual base fare for taxis in Szczecin is 3 PLN (~ 0.71 Euro / 0.8 US-Dollar)
  • Every kilometer at daytime is charged 2 PLN (~ 0.47 Euro / 0.53 US-Dollar)
  • Every kilometer at nighttime is charged 3 PLN (~ 0.71 Euro / 0.8 US-Dollar)

Other means of transport in Szczecin

As Szczecin is not known as a touristic metropolis, there are no special means of transport in the city. The only interesting mode of transport for tourists may be a river cruise. However, these are not offered on a regular basis.


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