Lounge Review: Aegean Business Lounge Athens

Aegean Business Lounge Athens is the biggest lounge at Athens Airport and is accessible for business class passengers as well as Star Alliance Gold members flying with a Star Alliance carrier. The lounge offers variable seating options, a smoking area, decent entertainment and a weak buffet.

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As Athens Airport is the hub of the Greek flag carrier Aegean Airlines, it also houses the biggest lounge which the airline has to offer. However, Aegean Business Lounge Athens is only one of two Star Alliance lounges at Athens Airport.

Lufthansa Business Lounge is located just a few steps away from the lounge and offers access for the same guests. Both lounges have advantages and disadvantages, but the Aegean Business Lounge Athens seems to be a little weaker overall.

Seating at the Aegean Lounge Athens

Aegean Business Lounge Athens has three seating areas, one on the left of the reception and two on the right of the reception.

Aegean Business Lounge Athens Seating

Seating in the Aegean Business Lounge Athens

While the two larger ones are non-smoking, the last one is a smoking lounge which is separated by a huge glass wall. Seating is variable, but most chairs lack comfort.

The couches are comfortable, but the normal chairs are out of metal and don’t make you have a comfortable seat when staying in the lounge for more than 30 minutes. There’s also some bar style seating which is not recommendable, too.

Aegean Business Lounge Athens View

View of the airport from Aegean Business Lounge Athens

Sadly, the lounge was also totally crowded when we decided to pay it a visit. This meant that we had to fight to even get a seat, something that never happened to us before in any airport lounge besides Ballada Executive Lounge Warsaw.

Buffet at the Aegean Lounge Athens

When arriving at the Aegean Business Lounge Athens, we expected to find some Greek delights on the buffet.

Aegean Business Lounge Athens Buffet

The selection of alcohol at the buffet was decent

Sadly, there was rarely anything Greek besides the tasty puff pastry and some Greek yoghurt. Other items on the buffet were bread sticks, sandwiches and cheese.

While the food selection was disappointing, especially compared to the Lufthansa Business Lounge Athens, the selection of drinks was decent.

Several wines, a choice of liquors and enough different soft drinks to choose from. Nevertheless, the buffet left a lot to be desired for a flagship lounge of a Star Alliance carrier.

Entertainment at the Aegean Lounge Athens

The entertainment options offered at Aegean Business Lounge Athens were decent. There was a little room with dozens of different newspapers, Greek and international, as well as some magazines in different languages.

There were also some computers (in the smoking and the non-smoking area) and printers, making it easy to get some work done in the lounge.

Aegean Business Lounge Athens TV

Television in the Aegean Business Lounge Athens

Other entertainment options included a weak Wi-Fi which was totally blown away by the crowds accessing the lounge as well televisions showing American news channels.

Overall, Aegean Business Lounge Athens offers a fair share of entertainment options which is definitely good enough for a carrier’s flagship lounge.

Bottom line Aegean Lounge Athens

While I’m usually of the opinion that lounges at a carrier home base are better than so-called outstation lounges, I actually prefer the Lufthansa Business Lounge Athens over the Aegean Business Lounge. Seating is pretty equal, even though the comfort at the Lufthansa Lounge is higher. Entertainment is also comparable with the Aegean Business Lounge Athens offering a better Greek selection of papers and the Lufthansa Lounge offering a better German selection.

Aegean Business Lounge Athens Buffet

The only thing surprisingly good at the Aegean Business Lounge Athens is the selection of alcohol

The deciding advantage of the Lufthansa Lounge is the buffet with the more creative and tasty food. Also, service at Aegean Business Lounge Athens was rather not existing, while it was very good at Lufthansa Lounge Athens. So, if you got the choice, you’d better spend your time in the Lufthansa Business Lounge Athens!


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