Hotel Review: Divani Caravel Athens

Divani Caravel Athens is one of several luxury hotels in the city center of Athens. While the location is not the best and the hardware is a little dated, we liked our stay at Divani Caravel Athens. The hotel is surely not the best one in Athens, but a very good choice nevertheless as the value for the money is absolutely great – especially if you are a Leaders Club member.

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Divani Caravel Athens is located in the city center of Athens.

  • Classification: Five Star
  • Room Category: Family Suite
  • Month of Stay: August

Yet, it’s a few kilometers away from all major attractions.

Divani Caravel Athens Family Suite

Divani Caravel Athens is not very close to most attractions

If you want to get to the historic old town, the Acropolis or other interesting attractions, you may either take the hotel’s complimentary shuttle, a taxi or the metro.

Besides, Divani Caravel Athens offers all the luxury you may expect from a five star property.

There are a gym, an outdoor swimming pool with a sun terrace, two restaurants as well as a Spa offering treatments.

Family Suite at Divani Caravel Athens

One of the most important aspects in a hotel review surely are the rooms. At Divani Caravel Athens, we were lucky enough to get an upgrade to a Family Suite.

Divani Caravel Athens Family Suite

Living Room of the Family Suite at Divani Caravel Athens

Divani Caravel Athens Family Suite

Bedroom of the Family Suite at Divani Caravel Athens

Due to some kind of miscommunication the hotel thought we’d come with three people. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the extra space in the suite which had three rooms and two bathrooms.

At first sight, the room looked a little dated, but had the classic Greek style. The furniture was not in the best condition, too. Nevertheless, the size of the room and the comfort of the bed were very positive.

So was the nice and large balcony with views of Athens and the Acropolis which was absolutely amazing.

Divani Caravel Athens Family Suite

The view of Athens from the terrace was fantastic

The calm in the room was a little downer at the same time as the suite was located right below the pool. Due to that, we heard the flow of the water and the pumps all the time.

Bathroom(s) at Divani Caravel Athens

Surprisingly, the bathrooms of the Family Suite were anything but dated. Instead, they looked brand new.

Divani Caravel Athens Bathroom

Master Bathroom at Divani Caravel Athens

It seems like the hotel first renovated the bathrooms before getting on to the rooms. Not a bad way in my opinion.

The smaller bathroom came with a sink, a large rain shower and a toilet while the bigger one had a large tub instead of a shower.

The water pressure in both bathrooms was quite good and so were the storage spaces for personal belongings.

Divani Caravel Athens Toiletries

Toiletries by Olivia

Another plus were the nice toiletries by Olivia which we already enjoyed at another property in Greece beforehand!

Pool & Gym at Divani Caravel Athens

Divani Caravel Athens offers its guest a nice outdoor pool on the roof. This one is accessible for free for all guests which means that it is totally overcrowded in summer.

Divani Caravel Athens Pool

Rooftop Pool at Divani Caravel Athens

As the hotel got more than 300 rooms and there are just two dozens of loungers, all of these are occupied, too. The small pool was occupied by an average of ten people from noon on.

Divani Caravel Athens Pool

Loungers on the pool deck

If you want to enjoy the pool, I’d recommend to check it out in the morning. The great views of the city, the refreshing temperature of the pool and the comfortable loungers are a perfect start into the day.

Divani Caravel Athens Gym

Gym at Divani Caravel Athens

Interestingly, the gym is not accessible for free for everyone. Instead, you have to pay to use the facilities.

Due to that, the gym is not any overcrowded and the machines which are quite modern are still in a very good shape. The number of machines as well as the view (it was dark, so no photo this time) are nice, too.

Dinner at Divani Caravel Athens

As Leaders Club Unlimited members, we were invited to enjoy dinner at Divani Caravel Athens.

Divani Caravel Athens Dinner

Cover for dinner at Divani Caravel Athens

This one was served in the buffet restaurant which didn’t mean that we were asked to enjoy dinner on the buffet.

Divani Caravel Athens Dinner

Greek Salad

Instead, we were offered a three-course menu which was a little unorganized overall. The waiter was not very creative in offering us Greek Salad as a starter, “beef or fish” as a main and a cake as dessert.

Nevertheless, service was pretty good and the food was tasty, too. Even though none of the dishes were any creative, we enjoyed the size of the portions as well as the taste and freshness of all dishes.

Divani Caravel Athens Dinner

Chocolate Cake

The absolute highlight was the dessert which was a large chocolate cake which was even too heavy to eat after two other courses.

Breakfast at Divani Caravel Athens

Even though dinner at Divani Caravel Athens was no real highlight, it was still very good. Due to the dinner we had high expectations of breakfast, too.

Divani Caravel Athens Breakfast

Breakfast Buffet at Divani Caravel Athens

Sadly, these were not fulfilled. First of all, breakfast is served in a dark restaurant in the basement without any windows. Second, there is not enough staff to handle the number of guests.

Third, the atmosphere in the restaurant is lackluster. The quality and the choice at the buffet was decent at the same time. There were even some creative hot dishes as well as a choice of several different breads and cakes on the buffet.

Divani Caravel Athens Breakfast

Some hot choices were available on the buffet, too

Sadly, the choice of fresh fruits was very limited. Overall, the breakfast was a little disappointing, mainly because of the lackluster atmosphere in the dark restaurant and the weak level of service.

Bottom line Divani Caravel Athens

Overall, we enjoyed our stay at Divani Caravel Athens. The location is just average, but the friendly welcome and the good treatment as Leaders Club Unlimited guests made up for this. Our suite had a good layout and amazing bathrooms, but was a little dated in terms of interior.

Divani Caravel Athens Family Suite

Greek design dominated our Family Suite

The views from our balcony as well as from the pool deck are something to die for, but the noise from the pool deck as well as the crowded deck itself are definitely a downer for stays in summer. Our experience with the restaurant was average, too.

Divani Caravel Athens Family Suite

The view at Divani Caravel Athens is something to die for

While dinner was not creative, but enjoyable, breakfast was a disappointment. Divani Caravel Athens is definitely recommendable for everyone who stays at the hotel as a Leaders Club guest and may be a good choice for a stay in Athens for everyone else, too. However, only if the price is not very high.

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