Running in Brussels

Running in Brussels is not very easy as there are not many parks in the city. Nevertheless, Brussels has a lot to offer, so you’ll find a nice area for running for sure. When staying at Sofitel Brussels Europe, I decided to pay the European Quarter and the parks in the approximate a visit. Even though I had to cross one or another street, the running experience was great.

I wasn’t blessed with the weather when running in Brussels.

  • Distance: 6.5 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 90 Meters
  • Calories burned: 350-450
  • Month: September
  • Weather: Cloudy

When I left the hotel it was cloudy, but later on it got rainy, too.

Running in Brussels

Map of my run through Brussels (tracked by Runtastic)

Starting my run at Sofitel Brussels Europe meant that I was just a stone throw away from the European Quarter which made it an obvious choice to explore first!

A taste of Europe

After leaving the hotel, I decided to take the opportunity to explore the first park that got into my sight. Parc Léopold is a small one located right next to the European Quarter.

While being small, the park with its nice little lake is actually quite enjoyable. Moreover, there are some historic buildings in and around the park, for example a library and the Royal Institute of Sciences.

Running in Brussels

First view of the European Parliament

Nevertheless, my personal highlight were the modern buildings of the European Parliament which are not only large, but also quite impressive.

That’s especially true as different architectural influences can be recognized when admiring the buildings.

No paradise for runners

I have been “warned” about Brussels not being a city for runners before, but I experienced the problematic situation myself.

After leaving the European Quarter, I didn’t find any green spot for more than one kilometer. The only park I encountered was private property.

Nevertheless, I didn’t give up as I was looking forward to explore Square Marie-Louise which is a beautiful small lake in the middle of the city.

At this spot, I also got back into the few green areas of Brussels again!

The tough way into the park

Right next is Square Ambiorix which is a nice little park, too.

Nevertheless, my next real destination was the way larger Parc du Cinquantenaire which is a renowned attraction.

The only problem was the fact that I did fail to enter the park as there was not a single entrance at the point where I encountered the park.

Running in Brussels

It took some time to find an entrace to the park

It took me some minutes to finally get in, but when I did, I was totally impressed by the extremely large and beautiful triumphal arch.

Triumphal Arc Brussels

Absolutely impressive: Triumphal Arch

It is surrounded by two large historic buildings which house two different museums.

Ending an interesting run

The way back made it possible for me to enjoy some more great views of the triumphal arch when turning around, but also the nature in the park which I wasn’t able to enjoy on my way there.

Yet, it’s a little strange that there’s a highway tunnel right below the park (not indoor everywhere). For me, this was just typical for running in Brussels.

Triumphal Arc Brussels

A last view of the beautiful Triumphal Arc

Yet, on my way back I also found some nice residential areas as well as the large buildings of the European Commission.

It seems like the center of power in European politics is not perfect for running, but there are worse cities for this purpose, too!


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