Transportation in Prague

Transportation in Prague is very good for an Eastern European city. Prague has three metro lines, several tram and bus lines as well as some special means of transportation. Taxis are cheap compared to Western European or American cities, but expensive compared to other cities in Czech Republic. Overall, public transportation is the better choice in most situations.

Prague is well connected with other cities in Europe by train. From Prague’s Central Station, you can reach many European capitals with a direct train. Most of the others are reachable with easy connection.

Train in Prague

There are several different commuter trains in Prague

There are not only Czech trains, but also several international trains which either got a stop or terminate in Prague. Moreover, there are several regional trains by Czech Railways which connect Prague with other cities and smaller towns in Czech Republic.

Metro in Prague

One of the most important means of transport in Prague is the metro which consists of three lines. All lines connect the suburbs of Prague with the city center where a total of three interchange stations can be found: Mustek (Green and Yellow), Muzeum (Green and Red) and Florenc (Yellow and Red).

Metro in Prague

The metro in Prague is fast and reliable

Even though the metro is easy to use when you want to get from one point to another, it is not the most important means of transport for tourists as there are only a few stations in the city center. Nevertheless, the Red, the Green and the Yellow Line offer comfortable and fast connections throughout Prague. Even though the metro in Prague is quite old, it is accessible and can be used from 5 am in the morning till midnight.

Metro lines in Prague:

  • Line A (Green): Nemocnice Motol <-> Depo Hostivai
  • Line B (Yellow): Zlicin <-> Cerny Most
  • Line C (Red): Letnany <-> Haje

Trams in Prague

Trams are a good mode of transport for tourists to get from one point in the city center to another one. There are 22 day routes, nine night routes and one historical route which is only operated in summer. Most day routes are operated from 4:30 am till 1 am, making trams in Prague a mode of transport to get around in the city all-day-long.

Tram in Prague

Some of the trams in Prague are modern and accessible

The night trams are also subsidizing the metro, making them have different routes than day trams. Nevertheless, most tram routes can be found in the city center which make the trams ideal for tourists who want to explore the city. As there are several different types of cars, not all trams are accessible.

Important tram lines in Prague:

  • Line 1: Petriny <-> Spojovaci
  • Line 9: Sidliste Repy <-> Spojovaci
  • Line 12: Sidliste Barrandov <-> Palmovka
  • Line 20: Divoka Sarka <-> Sidliste Barrandov
  • Line 26: Divoka Sarka <-> Nadrazi Hostivai

Buses in Prague

The extensive tram network is supported by buses which are mostly accessible and modern. The bus lines mainly operate in these parts of the city where no rails can be found. Buses are also important for transportation in suburbs without many tram and metro stations.

Bus in Prague

Buses are rare in the city center

Exchange between buses and the metro or trams is possible at dozens different stations throughout the city center and also in the suburbs in Prague. All three most important modes of transport share one fare system. There are two different types of regular tickets which are valid for 30 or 90 minutes. Moreover, you can buy passes for a duration of 24 hours or three days.

Taxis in Prague

Taxis in Prague are operated by several different companies, but mostly look the same as they are yellow and come with a sign which clearly marks them. Prices are generally the same and the quality of the cars is mostly okay. For an Eastern European city, taxis in Prague are quite expensive.

Taxi in Prague

Taxis are way more expensive than means of public transportation

The base fare for taxis is usually 40 CZK (~ 1.47 Euro / 1.66 US-Dollar) while every kilometer comes with a charge of 28 CZK (~ 1.03 Euro / 1.15 US-Dollar). Taxis from the city center to the airport come with a charge of 500 to 700 CZK (~ 18.5 Euro / 20.75 US-Dollar) and is way more expensive than the Airport Express, a bus connecting the Central Station with Prague Airport.

  • The base fare for taxis is 40 CZK (~ 1.47 Euro / 1.66 US-Dollar)
  • Every kilometer is charged 28 CZK (~ 1.03 Euro / 1.15 US-Dollar)

Other means of transport in Prague

Prague is a city which offers unlimited opportunities for tourists. That’s true for modes of transport, too. For example, there are horse carriages in the city center, a funicular which gets you up the castle and river cruises that are enjoyable for everyone who is looking for a different view of the city.

Coach in Prague

Coaches are available in the city center

That said, all these special means of transport are way more expensive than the regular trams, metro and bus services. Nevertheless, they may be interesting to use!


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