City Guide: Cottbus

Cottbus is located in the East of Germany and is one of the bigger cities in that region. When we arrived at Cottbus Central Station, we weren’t aware of the historical roots of Cottbus dating back over 2000 years! Luckily, some parts of Cottbus testify a rich past!

The first challenge in Cottbus was to find the exit of Central Station. The rails are connected quite complicated through different tunnels.

Central Station Cottbus

However, we somehow made it and were welcomed by the sight of a not so beautiful Radisson Blu hotel.

Radisson Blu Cottbus

Luckily, Cottbus does not look everywhere like this, but has rather a very beautiful historical old town.

Old Town Cottbus

The old town of Cottbus is a very enjoyable place to be when the weather is good.

Old Town Cottbus

Old Town Cottbus

Old Town Cottbus

Whether it is just strolling around, admiring the architecture or for shopping and eating – Cottbus’ old town seems to be the perfect spot.

Parks in Cottbus

Much to our surprise as well, Cottbus has a lot of green spaces and parks to offer.

Park Cottbus

Park Cottbus

Park Cottbus

Not only are the areas for the parks quite big, but also can some little lakes and fountains be found. At that day, we were very glad to have these as it was unbearable hot – shadow and water!

Special things in Cottbus

Cottbus does not live from its sights, but rather from its flair and one or another special thing. One of these definitely is the electricity works.

Electrical Works Cottbus

Electrical Works Cottbus

Right in front of that, the so-called “Wilhelmsmuehle” can be found.

Wilhelmsmuehle Cottbus

A very remarkable sight is the St. Nikolai Church.

St. Nikolai

St. Nikolai Cottbus 4

Moreover, Cottbus has some kind of fort and town gates.

Additionally, a huge medieval tower is located in the old town.

Tower Cottbus 3

Last but not least, Cottbus’ town hall might be important, even if not that lovely…


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  1. I can’t say that East Germany has ever been on our list of places to visit – but your photos are making me think again. I’ve always fancied Bavaria, or a city break in Berlin, but East Germany evidently has a lot to offer history-lovers like me. Lovely photos!

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  3. I had a really bad experience in Cottbus. I didn’t find people friendly at all. they wouldn’t even reply to your “Guten Morgen” or “Guten Tag” ! hopefully that was due to the cold weather and hope not all people there are so stiff. You should also see Luebeck, its so much more beautiful and has a typical medieval city charm to it.

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