Running in Stuttgart

Running in Stuttgart was more about enjoyable park running for me. While I usually enjoy “sightseeing” running, I decided against it in Stuttgart as the inner city has rarely any green spaces at all. Instead, I went running in the Castle Garden (Schlossgarten), a beautiful park which stretches from the inner city to the zoo.

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  • Distance: 7 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 50 Meters
  • Calories burned: 400-450
  • Month: August
  • Weather: Sunny

The running guide instead takes on the green spaces in Stuttgart and especially the Castle Garden which is one of the largest parks in Germany.

Running in Stuttgart

Map of my run through Stuttgart (tracked by Runtastic)

On this early morning on August, I was not only lucky to start right at the park as we spent the night at Hotel am Schlossgarten Stuttgart, but also with the weather. The sun was shining and the number of clouds was extremely low!

Far away from all streets

While the Upper Castle Garden is quite small, the Middle Castle Garden is very extensive.

Ruins Schlossgarten Stuttgart

Some history upon entering the Middle Castle Garden

As soon as I crossed the construction site of the new Central Station, I entered the beauty of the large park which is relatively far away from all streets in the city, making it a real paradise when it comes to relaxation.

The ruins you’ll find when entering the park are just one historic attraction of many you can find in the park which also comes with several playgrounds for children and youth.

Animal watching by the lake

In both, the Middle Castle Garden and the Lower Castle Garden, you can find some little and some bigger lakes.

Schlossgarten Stuttgart

One of many lakes in the Castle Garden Stuttgart

This makes running in Stuttgart even more enjoyable as you feel like you are running in a natural paradise and not in a metropolis.

That said, it was even lovelier to enjoy the ducks and other animals having fun in and next to the lakes.

Schlossgarten Stuttgart

Absolutely rewarding: Views of the Castle Garden

Also rewarding: The views you get as soon as you enter the Lower Castle Garden and climb up the hill which connects the Castle Garden with the “Rosensteinpark”.

History and future in Stuttgart

Up there, you’ll also find the Rosenstein Castle which is a beautiful historic palace which has a real prime location in the middle of the park.

Rosenstein Castle

Rosenstein Castle is very impressive

There are also some smaller historic buildings which I enjoyed before going back in the direction of the Upper Castle Garden.

On my way back, the flair of history faded away and I dipped into future for a few minutes when running through a constructed bridge which leads over the construction site of the new Central Station.

Central Station Stuttgart

History and future combined: Construction site of the new Central Station

Who would have thought that history and future are so close to each other?

Running in nature in a metropolis

Overall, running in Stuttgart is definitely recommendable if you decide to run in one of the parks which are all interconnected, making them perfect for everyone who loves to run longer distances.

Not a single moment I felt like I would be running in a metropolis in Stuttgart.

Something that’s definitely rare in bigger cities, making running in Stuttgart a special experience to keep in mind!

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  2. I was just in Dusseldorf last weekend for the 25th year Reunification celebration. Really am amazing experience. Germany has so many interesting cities all unique unto themselves. Nice Post!

    • Absolutely! Dusseldorf is amazing, too. We’ve been there a few months ago and had a very nice day. It’s actually one of my favorite cities in the country 🙂

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