Jakarta: Top things to do and see

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is probably not the first city you have in mind when it comes to planning a city trip. But even though Jakarta has no dedicated sightseeing areas, Jakarta is perfect for discovering! Different corners of the city, different impressions, horrible traffic and different styles of life. Our top things to do and see help you for what you should keep an eye out.

  1. Be in Jakarta at Sunday morning

Traffic in Jakarta is just crazy as hell. But not on a Sunday morning – from 6 am till noon, it is carfree Sunday!

Carfree Sunday Jakarta

Unfortunately, not every street is carfree, but the big ones and main roads definitely are as far as I understood.

  1. Go to Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town is a huge mall in Jakarta.

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

When I was there, I learned that there is an awesome food court with typical Indonesian cuisine, that it is so big you better don’t lose orientation and that you shouldn’t be surprised about security before being allowed to go in.

  1. Visit the National Museum

Jakarta definitely has a rich history, but if you want to learn about it, the National Museum is the best way.

National Museum Jakarta

Culture and history alike are highlighted. Imagine that Indonesia has about 240 million inhabitants and consists of over 100 islands – and now what that means for the development of Indonesia!

  1. Catch a glance at National Monument

I guess the National Monument is what one would call a touristic sight.

National Monument Jakarta

National Monument Jakarta

Having been opened in 1975, the National Monument Jakarta symbolizes the fight for independence of Indonesia.

  1. Get an impression of Masjid Istiqlal

Another symbol for independence is the so-called Masjid Istiqlal which means Independence Mosque.

Masjid Istiqlal Jakarta

Moreover, it is the biggest Mosque in whole South East Asia and has a capacity of 120.000 believers.

  1. Marvel at Jakarta Cathedral

Interestingly, Jakarta Cathedral stands right in front of Masjid Istiqlal.

Jakarta Cathedral

However, it also shows that many different religions live peacefully right next to each other in Jakarta.

  1. Discover Marina Batavia

Jakarta has had many names yet. Batavia was one of them.

Marina Batavia Yacht Club

Marina Batavia is a big building, modern and chic, inside the harbor area. What shocked me was the contrast of hard working longshoremen who greeted us more than friendly to the chic club building…

  1. Take a photo of Andong

Andong is how locals call the carriages which can also be used as a “taksi”.


However, it feels like being thrown back in another century, which is exactly why it is so photo worthy to me.

  1. Stroll around in the Old Town

Jakarta’s old town is characterized by huge areas only accessible for pedestrians, which is kind of unreal in Jakarta.

Old Town Jakarta

There, also some older buildings can be seen which witness parts of Jakarta’s colonial past.

  1. Go inside the Indonesian Bank Museum

Also located in the old town of Jakarta, the Indonesian Bank Museum has no entrance fee and is just closed on Mondays.

Bank Museum Jakarta

Exhibitions are about the role of Indonesian’s bank in the past – monetary policies and so on. Definitely worth a visit!


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  1. Jakarta also has Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park) where we can see the diversity of cultures from all around Indonesia. Include the traditional houses and clothes from each provinces, some museums and an IMAX theatre.

  2. Wow! All thanks to your superb informative post that my trip to the nation of Indonesia will be easy. Now I know what to expect in the land of Jakarta. Would love to capture every tiny detail of the city under the lenses.

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