Transportation in Stuttgart

Transportation in Stuttgart is quite easy to get along with as there are just three means of public transportation: Buses, the Stadtbahn and the S-Bahn. Additionally, you can make use of the safe and convenient taxis which are quite expensive compared to the public transportation. Nevertheless, you can reach every part of Stuttgart with one of the means of transportation!

Even though the Central Station of Stuttgart is getting completely renovated at the moment and will stay a construction site for some more years, it’s easy to reach Stuttgart by train.

TGV in Stuttgart

There’s a direct connection to Paris with the TGV

There are several long distance connections to cities like Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne or Zurich. Moreover, there are dozens of regional connections to nearby cities as well as other industrial important towns in the approximate.

S-Bahn in Stuttgart

If you want to see not only the city center of Stuttgart, the S-Bahn is the perfect go-with means of transport. With the S-Bahn, you may not only reach destinations a little further away from the city center, but also several towns in the approximate including Böblingen, Sindelfingen and Weil der Stadt.

S-Bahn in Stuttgart

The S-Bahn connects Stuttgart with its suburbs

All S-Bahn lines stop at the Central Station where you can interchange between the different lines, the Stadtbahn, trains and buses. The S-Bahn usually operates very frequently, especially in rush hour and the city center, while the frequency is lower in off-times. Lines S2 and S3 are of special importance for travelers as they connect the city center with the airport.

S-Bahn lines in Stuttgart:

  • S1: Kirchheim (Teck) – Stuttgart Central Station – Herrenberg
  • S2: Schorndorf – Stuttgart Central Station – Stuttgart Airport – Filderstadt
  • S3: Backnang – Stuttgart Central Station – Stuttgart Airport
  • S4: Schwabstraße – Stuttgart Central Station – Backnang
  • S5: Schwabstraße – Stuttgart Central Station – Bietigheim
  • S6: Schwabstraße – Stuttgart Central Station – Weil der Stadt
  • S60: Schwabstraße – Stuttgart Central Station – Böblingen

Stadtbahn in Stuttgart

The backbone of public transportation in Stuttgart is the Stadtbahn which consists of 13 regular and two additional lines. Most lines stop at either Stuttgart Central Station or one of the other important stations in the city center like Charlottenplatz or Stadtmitte.

Stadtbahn in Stuttgart

The Stadtbahn is ideal for getting around in the city center

However, there are a few selected lines which don’t have stops in the city center, so be aware when planning your journey. In general, all trains of the Stadtbahn are convenient and accessible. While some are more modern than others, you’ll rarely see the difference. Especially in the city center, there’s definitely no faster way to go from one point to another than the Stadtbahn.

Selected Stadtbahn lines in Stuttgart:

  • U1: Fellbach – Charlottenplatz – Vaihingen
  • U2: Neugereut – Charlottenplatz – Botnang
  • U4: Untertürkheim – Charlottenplatz – Höderlinplatz
  • U5: Leinfelden – Charlottenplatz – Central Station – Killesberg
  • U6: Gerlingen – Central Station – Charlottenplatz – Fasanenhof
  • U7: Mönchfeld – Central Station – Charlottenplatz – Nellingen
  • U14: Remseck – Central Station – Heslach

Buses in Stuttgart

Even though you can reach pretty much every destination in Stuttgart with the Stadtbahn, there are several bus connections, too. Especially in the suburbs of the city and in areas without rails, buses are a good alternative to the Stadtbahn. As the buses, the Stadtbahn and the S-Bahn share the same price system, interchange between the three is easy and convenient.

Bus in Stuttgart

Buses are rare in the city center

Prices for a single ticket start at 2.30 Euro (~ 2.60 US-Dollar) for rides inside the inner city. Day tickets are available for just 6.60 Euro (~ 7.50 US-Dollar) including zones one and two. Be aware of the fact that you have to know about the zone system of Stuttgart before buying a ticket. If you plan a very short ride (up to three stations), you may also opt for a short-track ticket which is cheaper than a single ticket.

Taxis in Stuttgart

Even though taxis in Stuttgart are known to be safe and very convenient, taxis are not the most beloved mode of transportation in Stuttgart. The reason therefore are the prices which may seem outrageous compared to other cities. The base fare is 3.10 Euro (~ 3.50 US-Dollar) and every further kilometer is charged 2.40 Euro (~ 2.70 US-Dollar).

Taxi in Stuttgart

Taxis in Stuttgart are modern, but quite expensive

Starting from the fifth kilometer the fare drops to 1.90 Euro (~ 2.15 US-Dollar). These fares make even short rides in the city center an expensive experience which is more expensive than a day ticket for all means of public transportation. The ride to the airport costs approximately 35 Euro (~ 40 US-Dollar).

  • The base fare for taxis in Stuttgart is 3.10 Euro (~ 3.50 US-Dollar)
  • Kilometers 1 to 4 are charged 2.40 Euro (~ 2.70 US-Dollar)
  • All further kilometers are charged 1.90 Euro (~ 2.15 US-Dollar)
  • Rides to the airport cost approximately 35 Euro (~ 40 US-Dollar)

Other means of transportation in Stuttgart

As Stuttgart is no important hotspot for tourism, there are not many special means of transportation in Stuttgart. Nevertheless, you may spot one or another horse carriage from time to time. More interestingly, there are two special public means of transportation. One is the Stuttgart Rack Railway which is comparable to the Stadtbahn lines, but has a way steeper route. It’s also known as Stadbahn line U10 and definitely worth checking out. If you got some time left, you should also give the Stuttgart Cable Car a try. It is operating in Heslach with a historic car and is connected with the Stadtbahn lines U1 and U14!

  • Stadtbahn Line U10 (Stuttgart Rack Railway) and the Stuttgart Cable Car are definitely worth checking out when you got some spare time!


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