Airline Review: Lufthansa (long haul Business)

Lufthansa is one of the biggest carriers in Europe and offers flights to dozens of intercontinental destinations. We took the opportunity to try Lufthansa long haul Business Class on a flight from Frankfurt to Johannesburg and back in an Airbus A380, the biggest aircraft in the fleet. As we had the pleasure to try the newest Business Class product, we absolutely enjoyed our flight.

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The Lufthansa long haul Business Class experience is more or less the same in all airplanes of the airline by now as the refurbishment which took place over the last years is finished.

  • Airplane: Airbus A380
  • Cabin Class: Business
  • Daytime: Evening till Morning
  • Food: Dinner and Breakfast
  • Seat Pitch: 60 Inch (152 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 19.6 Inch (50 Centimeter)

This means that you can enjoy lie-flat seats in all Lufthansa long haul airplanes in Business Class from now on.

Lufthansa Business Class Seating

The new Lufthansa Business Class cabin

Even though the product may not be the industry’s best one, we were positively surprised by the seats which are comfortable and just fine for sleeping.

Seating in the Lufthansa Business Class

Seating in the Business Class of the Lufthansa Airbus A380 is arranged in a 2-2-2 configuration.

Lufthansa Business Class Seat

Seating in the Lufthansa Business Class

Even though other airlines offer a 1-2-1 configuration in the airplane, the seating and the cabin both look very spacious. The window seats don’t have access to the aisle which is rare for modern Business Class products, but didn’t really bother us.

The seats may not be cutting edge, but were very comfortable in all positions (upright, relaxation and sleeping). We also liked the design which is a little fresher than the design of most other airlines.

Even though the seat is neither very wide nor very long, you can get a good spot for sleeping. Lights are usually dimmed just minutes after dinner service is finished and are switched off right before breakfast service.

Mood lighting makes getting up way easier, so you can get a good and comfortable sleep in the Lufthansa Airbus A380 Business Class. There’s no bedding, but a comfortable pillow and a blanket which is soft and thin (perfect for an airplane).

All in all, the hard product of the Lufthansa Business Class is definitely not cutting edge, but absolutely okay for a night flight.

Drinks in the Lufthansa Business Class

On our Lufthansa Business Class flight from Frankfurt to Johannesburg as well as on the return, we enjoyed dinner service after our late departure and breakfast right before landing.

Lufthansa Business Class Snacks

Pre-departure nuts

Both services were done by the same server and in the new “restaurant service” Lufthansa introduced just a few weeks prior our flight. Our dinner started with some nuts (served in a small bowl) as well as an aperitif of our choice.

Before departure, we were also offered a pre-departure drink (no champagne, but rather orange juice, water or sparkling wine) which came without any snack.

Dinner in the Lufthansa Business Class

The dinner service consisted of three courses, which on both flights were a choice of fish, meat and a vegetarian option for starter and main as well as a sweet dessert or cheese as a finish.

Some dishes were accompanied by a salad, while others were not. The servers proactively asked for drinks several times which really made you feel like dining in a restaurant. The table set-up was also quite nice.

The quality of the dishes at the same time was a little varying with some being better and others just average. Overall, the quality was not bad anyway. I’d expect a little more from a good restaurant, but for an airplane the food was actually decent.

That’s especially true for the main dishes (both fish and beef) and the desserts which were utterly tasty on both flights.

The accompanying wines were good, but no highlight either. The choice was a little limited with just two whites and reds for my taste.

Lufthansa Business Class Chocolates


A very nice touch were the chocolates handed over to the guests after dinner. Something to make you smile before you fall asleep!

Breakfast in the Lufthansa Business Class

Lufthansa offers its Business Class passengers two choices for breakfast: An express breakfast which consists of just a hot drink and a croissant and a full breakfast with a bigger choice. You may also skip breakfast if you want to sleep approximately one hour longer what Sabrina did on both flights.

Lufthansa Business Class Breakfast

Breakfast on the flight from Frankfurt to Johannesburg

I decided to try the breakfast even though that meant that my night was a little shorter than usual. Both breakfasts came with a choice of cold cuts as well as a choice of rolls.

Lufthansa Business Class Breakfast

The hot dish was surprisingly tasty

As an addition, there was a yoghurt dish with some fruit crème on the one flight and Bircher Muesli on the other flight. The main dish for breakfast is either some kind of omelet or something sweet like waffles or pancakes.

Lufthansa Business Class Breakfast

Breakfast on the flight from Johannesburg to Frankfurt

I decided for the sweet choice on both flights as I’m no fan of omelets which always taste weird on airplanes. I can’t say that it was a bad choice as both dishes tasted very good. The same is true for the other breakfast items. Overall, I really enjoyed the breakfast even though I’m anything but a breakfast lover.

Entertainment in the Lufthansa Business Class

Something I really like in the Lufthansa Business Class are the entertainment options. Like all German airlines, Lufthansa offers a decent range of different newspapers and magazines on long haul Business Class flights.

Lufthansa Business Class Magazines

Choice of magazines available at the seat

You can not only get German and English papers, but also several other international ones like Italian or Spanish ones. If you enjoy movies and shows more, you’ll be happy to find quite a big screen in front of you.

The quality of the screen is quite decent, but the Bose noise-cancelling headphones were a little disappointing. They are not bad, but worse than my own Bose headphones as they are way smaller. The choice of movies and shows in different languages is decent.

Lufthansa Business Class Board Magazine

The board magazine is quite interesting, too

Even though there are airlines with a better choice, I didn’t feel like I could run out of different choices in the Lufthansa Business Class. If you get bored, you may also read one or another article in the board magazine which is quite interesting, too.

Amenity kit in the Lufthansa Business Class

Last but not least, it’s worth mentioning that you get a decent amenity kit in the Lufthansa Business Class.

Lufthansa Busines Class Amenity Kit

Amenity Kit and Water in the Lufthansa Business Class

The amenity kit is offered by Rosenthal and comes with Korres amenities. There’s some lip balm, some hand cream as well as socks and a night mask.

Surely, you can also find a toothbrush and toothpaste. Overall, the amenity kit is average compared to other airlines we reviewed in Business Class.

Bottom line Lufthansa Business Class

We had a fairly good time flying the Lufthansa Business Class on both of our flights. The service was decent, the food absolutely okay and the service friendly.

However, one of our attendants (on the flight from Frankfurt to Johannesburg) was lacking experience, making the service a little streaky. Even though many tend to criticize the hard product, we actually had a good night sleep and enjoyed the comfortable seating.

Lufthansa Business Class Seat

Seating in the Lufthansa Business Class is way more comfortable than I expected

If you are traveling together, the fact that the window seat doesn’t have aisle access isn’t too bothersome. If you are traveling alone, you may choose one of the middle seats which both come with direct aisle access.

Lufthansa Business Class Window

The view from the upper deck is something that makes Business Class flights a real pleasure

Overall, I’d definitely recommend the Lufthansa Business Class as it’s a nice hard product which is kind of unique on the market!


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  2. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Lufthansa. I’ve only flown them as a transfer flight from Bilbao to Frankfurt to go the States, but it was a good experience.

    • Lufthansa is a very decent airline when it comes to customer service and the consistency of the quality offered. At the same time, there are airlines with a better hard product in Business Class. Yet, I’d definitely see Lufthansa as one of the best choices when flying from the US to Europe. You should try them when flying long haul for the next time, too 🙂

      • I never can afford business class unfortunately to be able to tell 🙂 I go with whatever is the cheapest at Christmas time. Hopefully next year I can try Lufthansa.

      • Not a bad way of getting a flight. Depending on the destination, Lufthansa sometimes is the cheapest indeed. I hope you’ll be lucky 🙂

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    • Thank you! That’s true. Awards for OW flights are tough with M&M miles, too. I hope you’ll have the pleasure to fly the new Business Class sometime soon anyways 🙂

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