Hotel Preview: ITC Grand Bharat

ITC Grand Bharat is not only one of the newest members of The Luxury Collection by Starwood, but also offers guests a very special experience close to busy New Delhi. Located in Gurgaon, guests of ITC Grand Bharat can enjoy a retreat from their normal life in a very special setting. The hotel focuses on the Indian traditions and yet comes with several modern features.

ITC Grand Bharat is not a hotel like any else in New Delhi. Located just a few dozen kilometers away from the city center, guests can dip into a whole different world. ITC Grand Bharat is located in the middle of  nature with no large buildings around.

ITC Grand Bharat Lobby

Lobby (Image Source: ITC Grand Bharat /

The palace where ITC Grand Bharat is located in looks even more interesting with this setting. In the inside, guests are pampered to a level you may have never seen before!

Rooms at ITC Grand Bharat

There are not many different rooms to choose from at ITC Grand Bharat. The 100 Deluxe Suites of the palace come with either a balcony or a terrace.

ITC Grand Bharat Deluxe Suite

Deluxe Suite (Image Source: ITC Grand Bharat /

Moreover, there are four presidential villas which are incredibly spacious with 502 square meters (5403 square feet) each. The Deluxe Suites with 73 square meters (786 square feet) may even feel small in comparison, but they are anything but that.

ITC Grand Bharat Deluxe Suite

Deluxe Suite (Image Source: ITC Grand Bharat /

The suites are separated into two rooms and also offer a bathroom with both, a bath and a shower. Like that, guests of ITC Grand Bharat can enjoy the comfort of a suite with all modern amenities, but classic design.

ITC Grand Bharat Deluxe Terrace Suite

Deluxe Terrace Suite (Image Source: ITC Grand Bharat /

Another reason to book a room at ITC Grand Bharat is the 24 hours butler service which is trying to make every wish come true!

Dining at ITC Grand Bharat

Even though the palace in which guests of the ITC Grand Bharat can escape the strenuous life is pretty classic, the dining choices are very casual.

ITC Grand Bharat The India Room

The India Room (Image Source: ITC Grand Bharat /

Guests can enjoy a good lunch or dinner either on one of the terraces or in one of the warmly designed restaurants. “Apas Brasserie” offers global cuisine in a very relaxed way, while “Aravali Pavilion” comes with Indian as well as international choices.

ITC Grand Bharat Apas Promenade

Apas Promenade (Image Source: ITC Grand Bharat /

The fine-dining restaurant and the only one with a dress code is “India Room” where guests can enjoy local creations with international influences. For light snacks or a good drink, “Verandah” and “Peacock Bar” invite you to relax and indulge!

Relaxation at ITC Grand Bharat

Relaxation is one of the main arguments why you should decide to leave New Delhi for a night or two. At ITC Grand Bharat, it’s not only the amazing rooms with private terraces and even private pools (Presidential Villa) or the good food that makes guests leave the city, but also the relaxation facilities.

ITC Grand Bharat Pool

Pool (Image Source: ITC Grand Bharat /

There’s for example a large outdoor pool with dozens of daybeds in and next to the pool to relax or a fitness center which comes with several state-of-the-art machines. If you are more likely to run in nature, the concierge will be happy to assist you.

ITC Grand Bharat Vitality Pool

Vitality Pool (Image Source: ITC Grand Bharat /

Surely, there are several treatments available at the Spa which is renowned for massages as well as facials!

Prices of ITC Grand Bharat

ITC Grand Bharat looks like a real dream escape not far away from New Delhi. Yet, the amazing resort also has its prize. Room rates start at 27.000 INR (~ 365 Euro / 415 US-Dollar) excluding taxes. Furthermore, you should be aware of additional charges for meals and activities or treatments in the Spa.

ITC Grand Bharat Peacock Bar

Peacock Bar (Image Source: ITC Grand Bharat /

If money is no argument, you may also enjoy one of the Presidential Villas which come with a charge of 500.000 INR (~ 6.795 Euro / 7.720 US-Dollar) plus taxes per night. Definitely no cheap experience, but at least for the Deluxe Suite it may be worth spending one or two nights at the ITC Grand Bharat if you need some holiday of New Delhi!

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