Hotel Preview: Sanctum Inle Resort

Sanctum Inle Resort is not comparable to other hotels we usually preview in this section. The resort in Myanmar is a unique combination of a luxury hotel and a convent. Sanctum Inle Resort combines the calm and beauty of nature in Myanmar with the simplicity of life as a monk. All this is combined with the luxurious touches throughout the hotel.

Located at Inle Lake, a few dozen kilometers away from Myanmar’s capital Naypyitaw, Sanctum Inle Resort invites guests to get to know something totally new in life. The experience at Sanctum Inle Resort focuses on relaxation, calm and spiritual experiences.

Sanctum Inle Resort Lobby

Lobby (Image Source: Sanctum Inle Resort /

Each and every guest at Sanctum Inle Lake will come back from the hotel with a complete new mindset. Which hotel can say something like that from the experience guests will have?

Rooms at Sanctum Inle Resort

Minimalism is the key concept of all rooms and suites at Sanctum Inle Resort. Guests are to experience the monastic life without having to renounce the comfort of modern life.

Sanctum Inle Resort Cloister Classic Room

Cloister Classic (Image Source: Sanctum Inle Resort /

All rooms come with air conditioning, a minibar and a flat screen television. However, the design and the interior are a perfect combination of minimalism and nature, making guests feel like they are staying at a sanctuary.

Sanctum Inle Resort Cloister Deluxe Room

Cloister Deluxe (Image Source: Sanctum Inle Resort /

Even though the experience at Sanctum Inle Resort will definitely be a special one even in the lowest room category called Cloister Classic, booking the Provost Junior Suite or the Abbey Suite won’t be a mistake, too.

Sanctum Inle Resort Provost Junior Suite

Provost Junior Suite (Image Source: Sanctum Inle Resort /

The suites don’t only come with more space, but also with stunning views!

Dining at Sanctum Inle Resort

Just because guests at Sanctum Inle Resort will most likely also try to find themselves, it doesn’t mean that they have to fast. At “The Refectory Restaurant”, you can enjoy dishes with a local influence and fresh ingredients only.

Sanctum Inle Resort Restaurant

The Refecotry Restaurant (Image Source: Sanctum Inle Resort /

The focus is on Shen culinary arts, which stands for noodles, soups, salad and vegetables. As you can see, Sanctum Inle Resort does its best to serve its guests not only good, but also healthy food.

Sanctum Inle Resort The Cloister Bar

The Cloister Bar (Image Source: Sanctum Inle Resort /

If you want to sin nevertheless, there’s also “The Cloister Bar” which serves good local beer or international liquor of you taste. Even though Sanctum Inle Resort wants you to live healthy, you surely can decide yourself what’s of your taste!

Relaxation at Sanctum Inle Resort

Leaving Sanctum Inle Resort means relaxation to the highest levels. You can either enjoy a massage or another treatment at the Spa of Sanctum Inle Resort to have an even better time while staying at Sanctum Inle Resort.

Sanctum Inle Resort Spa

Spa (Image Source: Sanctum Inle Resort /

If you want to be active by yourself, you should definitely check out the natural beauty all around Sanctum Inle Resort. Going for a walk next to Inle Lake is as amazing as just spending your time in the forests to either admire beautiful flowers or just think about life.

Prices of Sanctum Inle Resort

Sanctum Inle Resort is a hotel like none else, but what’s the same is that there’s a price for enjoyment at the luxury resort.

Sanctum Inle Resort Jetty

Jetty (Image Source: Sanctum Inle Resort /

Room rates at Sanctum Inle Resort start at 190 US-Dollar (~ 165 Euro) per night excluding taxes, but including breakfast. These rates usually come with a prepayment and are non-refundable. Flexible rates come with an extra charge.

Sanctum Inle Resort Inner Courtyard

Inner Courtyard (Image Source: Sanctum Inle Resort /

So do higher room categories like the Cloister Deluxe Room with rates starting at 200 US-Dollar (~ 175 Euro) or the beautiful Provost Junior Suite which is available for no less than 250 US-Dollar (~ 220 Euro) per night. Surely, Sanctum Inle Resort is not cheap for Myanmar, but the experience is definitely a special one, too!

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  1. Love the idea behind this hotel and would love to stay here! It’s something that’s really never been seen before and it’s the perfect mix of minimal and modern comforts like you said above. Is there anything to do in the surrounding area?

    Thanks for sharing!

    Victoria Sallie

    • The hotel looks like a very special place indeed. I’d love to give a try, too!

      The location is actually decent for all outdoor activities like hiking and similiar things. Inle Lake is also lovely to just spend some time by the water!

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