Lounge Review: SLOW Lounge Johannesburg

SLOW Lounge Johannesburg is one of two airport lounges of this kind in South Africa. The other is SLOW Lounge Cape Town which we already reviewed earlier. While we were not as impressed as we were in Cape Town, the SLOW Lounge Johannesburg is still a very decent lounge which is definitely worth planning some extra time for!

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Located in the domestic terminal, SLOW Lounge Johannesburg is available for all passengers flying Comair (British Airways) Business Class, holding an oneworld Emerald or Sapphire status or a premium credit card by FNC with a minimum spend.

SLOW Lounge Johannesburg View

SLOW Lounge Johannesburg is located right next to the Comair gates

Even though access is limited to few, the lounge did feel anything but empty when we arrived.

Most comfortable seats had already been taken, but we still found one or anything empty seat to relax.

Seating at SLOW Lounge Johannesburg

SLOW Lounge Johannesburg has quite a nice layout with different seating arrangements in different parts of the lounge.

SLOW Lounge Johannesburg Seating

Seating at SLOW Lounge Johannesburg

All are separated from each other, so you feel more private than in open plan lounges like the British Airways Galleries First Lounge London.

SLOW Lounge Johannesburg View

The view is nice, but detracted by the terminal

All seating furniture is very modern and comfortable. The stylish design adds even more comfort to the seating which is mostly either couch or bar style.

Personally, I especially fell in love with the large and inviting couches which make you stay and not want to leave again. This combined with walls filled with either magazines, newspapers or books (there’s even a library) makes seating at SLOW Lounge Johannesburg very good.

SLOW Lounge Johannesburg Entertainment

You’ll definitely find a comfortble spot at SLOW Lounge Johannesburg

At the same time, you can enjoy a nice view of the tarmac on most seats! The only downer may be the fact that the lounge can get crowded from time to time.

Buffet at SLOW Lounge Johannesburg

One of the highlights of SLOW Lounge Johannesburg is definitely the buffet. Especially for a domestic lounge, the offerings at SLOW Lounge Johannesburg are blowing other lounges apart.

SLOW Lounge Johannesburg Buffet

The buffet at SLOW Lounge Johannesburg is absolutely great

Even though the buffet is focused on cold items, there was such a choice available that you could hardly taste everything. The breakfast spread for example consisted of different yoghurts, freshly cut fruits, pastries, mueslis, cheese, cold cuts and several other dishes.

Porridge and scrambled eggs were also available. The lunch buffet is more a selection of smaller items like sandwiches or finger food, but everything did not only look, but also tasted amazing.

It’s worth noting that at all times there was a wide selection of drinks including four different freshly squeezed juices available. Surely, there are also several coffee machines with cookies right next to them at SLOW Lounge Johannesburg.

Entertainment at SLOW Lounge Johannesburg

If the amazing food offerings at SLOW Lounge Johannesburg are not enough entertainment to you, you’ll definitely find something else to do in the lounge.

SLOW Lounge Johannesburg Entertainment

Entertainment options at SLOW Lounge Johannesburg

For example, there’s a little business corner with computers and printers which you may use if you don’t have a device for making use of the fast and reliable Wi-Fi (something SLOW Lounge Cape Town lacks).

If you are more into books, it’s easy to grab one out of the library shelves you can find at SLOW Lounge Johannesburg. Last but not least, there are also the standard offerings including magazines as well as a choice of English newspapers.

Only international offerings were a little limited when it comes to press.

Bottom line SLOW Lounge Johannesburg

SLOW Lounge Johannesburg is not a very big lounge, but seating is very comfortable nevertheless.

SLOW Lounge Johannesburg Seating

Seating at SLOW Lounge Johannesburg is modern and comfortable

The design and the brightness are really great and make SLOW Lounge Johannesburg a real oasis to spend time at.

This combined with the amazing food offerings which not only look appealing, but also taste heavenly, make SLOW Lounge Johannesburg another domestic lounge to take into my list of the best lounges in the world.

SLOW Lounge Johannesburg Bar

There’s even a bar at SLOW Lounge Johannesburg

Congratulations to Comair for having such a partner when it comes to lounges. European and American airlines are fare behind when it comes to domestic lounges!


Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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    • The buffet is an amazing perk indeed. Makes waiting way more enjoyable. In this very case, we didn’t fly Business Class, too. Sometimes you are a happy customer being loyal to an airline, so you get lounge access 🙂

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