Special: Food at Zulu Camp at Shambala

Lately, we reviewed Zulu Camp at Shambala Game Reserve which is an amazing property three hours north of Johannesburg. Even though we already displayed the food served at the hotel during our three day full board stay, the many special offerings are definitely worth a special mentioning!

Something special about Zulu Camp at Shambala definitely is that guests are pampered from the arrival till check-out.

Zulu Camp at Shambala Champagne

Champagne was also our farewell gift

When we arrived, we were offered a bottle of champagne accompanied with some snacks, but denied as we were looking forward to a shower.

Nevertheless, this was just the beginning!

Breakfast at Zulu Camp

Breakfast alone was a real celebration at Zulu Camp. Even though we’ve been alone one morning, we were served a full buffet with several different regional choices including cut fruits, freshly baked muffins and scones and much more.

Zulu Camp at Shambala Breakfast

Breakfast Buffet at Zulu Camp

Additionally, we were lucky enough to try different hot dishes like omelets, pancakes and even a traditional South African breakfast which took thirty minutes to be prepared and consisted of tomato sauce, sausages and vegetables.

Surely, all of this was accompanied by unlimited amazing cappuccinos and freshly squeezed juices.

The freshness of everything made every start into the day at Zulu Camp an amazing one.

Lunch at Zulu Camp

Lunch at Zulu Camp at Shambala was a little less impressive than breakfast.

Zulu Camp at Shambala Breakfast

Brunch we enjoyed one day

Nevertheless, we liked the idea that we could ask for everything and were served exactly that. This meant that we had a nice brunch the one day (only a small addition to the breakfast buffet) and a nice salad with tuna the other day.

Zulu Camp at Shambala Lunch

Salad with fresh tuna slices

It’s needless to say that the taste and freshness once again were absolutely amazing.

Dinner at Zulu Camp

We definitely enjoyed breakfast and lunch at Zulu Camp, but the real celebration of the day was dinner which was not only served in the same lovely setting as breakfast and lunch, but was a full menu on two of the three days.

Three courses pure awesomeness presented by the chef himself. If there’s anything you don’t like, just tell the chef and you get something else.

We tried fish, beef, pork, vegetarian options and even Kudu (game meat) and can safely say: There was not a single underwhelming dish at our dinners at Zulu Camp.

Barbecue at Zulu Camp

That said, it’s worth mentioning that on one evening, the team of Zulu Camp had prepared something special for us: A real South African barbecue.

Zulu Camp at Shambala BBQ

The barbeque was something totally special

Served right next to the fireplace, we had amazing two hours with the warmth of the fire and the amazing taste of the food.

Several different meats, some fish and a large choice of vegetarian options were cooked on or next to the barbecue, making the whole experience one to never forget.

Food in the bush

Last but not least, our special food experience at Zulu Camp at Shambala commenced when we left the camp.

Zulu Camp at Shambala Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

Be it for a bush pick-nick or just snacks on our drives to different locations, every meal or snack we got was thoughtfully planned.  That’s especially true for the two additional events: A river cruise we’ll review later and a wine tasting in the bush.

Zulu Camp at Shambala Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

Both events were accompanied by great service which was something we enjoyed throughout our stay at Zulu Camp at Shambala. The food experience is definitely something we won’t forget soon!


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