New York: Top things to do and see

New York, the city that never sleeps and the city with unaffordable living space. New York, the city which grows day by day and the city where the stock market is home. New York, the city everyone dreams of visiting one day. As New York apparently does not sleep, I’ll put your dreams of NYC alive when showing the top things to do and see!

1. Enjoy Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue is one of the most popular shopping streets in New York. Nowdays, you won’t only find luxury boutiques, but also some shops for people with “normal” budget.

Fifth Avenue New York

Louis Vuitton is just one of many popular brands present on Fifth Avenue

2. Step on Times Square

Did you know that Times Square was actually named after the important newspaper New York Times?

Times Square NYC

Times Square NYC

They once had their corporate seat there, but even when they moved, the square was never renamed. However, Times Square is most famous for its numerous neon signs.

3. Go for a walk in Central Park

Honestly, Central Park is a real oasis in buzzing Big Apple. If you have survived numerous requests and the advertisement, you dip into a completely different world when entering the huge park.

Central Park New York

Central Park New York

Moreover, you will be able to watch some ducks or dogs as it is a popular area to go for a walk with dogs as well! Not to forget about the horse carriages – animals like it there as well!

4. Get an impression of Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is not just a normal station. Located in Manhattan, Grand Central Terminal is a terminus.

Grand Central Terminal NYC

But that’s not all: It is over 100 years old while having most platforms in the whole world!

5. Remember at Ground Zero

After the horrible terroristic attacks on 9/11, Ground Zero was built in order to remind of the victims.

Ground zero nyc

Ground Zero NYC definitely is a place you should go and get an impression yourself!

6. Glance at the One World Trade Center

It took 8 years to build the One World Trade Center, which is right next to Ground Zero and was the answer to the destroyed Twin Towers.

One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center

Since its opening 2013, One World Trade Center is also the highest building of the United States of America. Moreover, it is possible to go up to the observation floor since May 2015.

7. Make acquaintance with the Statue of Liberty

Admittedly, the Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous landmarks of NYC. Not surprisingly, the Statue of Liberty is a World Heritage Site.

Statue of Liberty NYC

Centuries ago, it was a gift from the French to the US. It is totally up on you whether you spend the high amount of money to get as close as possible with a boat to Liberty Island.

8. Cross Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge crosses the East River and connects Manhattan with Brooklyn.

Not only is it possible to catch awesome views of the skylines of both sides, but also standing on one of the oldest cable-stayed/suspension bridges!

9. Walk the High Line

Once upon a time, the High Line was a central railroad spur. Nowadays, the High Line has been rebuilt into a park which is elevated and about 2.33 kilometers long.

High Line New York Winter

High Line New York Winter

Walking it is a real adventure, but also an escape from the busy streets below.

10. Admire the Empire State Building

The Empire State Building was constructed in the 1930s and was at this time until 1972 the highest building in the whole world.

Empire State Builiding

Located in Manhattan, it is mainly used for commercial purposes. However, there’s also an observation deck accessible for the public.

All in all, New York definitely is a city full of surprises and I know that there are a lot more things to do and see, but if you just have one or two days, these are the most famous things everyone should have seen and most probably dreams of!


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  1. NYC is high up my (unfortunately long) wish list! The more I read though, the more time I think I’m going to have to devote to it once I get there.

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