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Sofitel Athens Airport is the only hotel located right at Athens Airport. The luxury hotel is operated by a Greek company, but offers all the standards demanding travelers are used to from the Sofitel brand. Additional facilities include a 24-hours restaurant, a gourmet restaurant with beautiful views and a bar as well as relaxation facilities like a gym and a pool on the highest floor.

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Sofitel Athens Airport was our choice for our last night in Athens before departing to South Africa early in the morning.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Luxury Room
  • Month of Stay: August

Even though our early departure was delayed some hours due to a strike, we didn’t regret to have chosen Sofitel Athens Airport.

Sofitel Athens Airport Luxury Room

Sofitel Athens Airport offers runway views from the rooms

The luxury hotel offers decent rooms, good and friendly service and nice facilities. Sadly, everything is a little dated which tarnished our impression a little bad.

Nevertheless, we’d definitely stay at Sofitel Athens Airport again due to its amazing location right across the terminal building.

Luxury Room at Sofitel Athens Airport

When checking in to Sofitel Athens Airport, we were upgraded to a Luxury Room due to my Le Club Accor Gold membership.

Sofitel Athens Airport Luxury Room

First view of the Luxury Room at Sofitel Athens Airport

The only difference to the Superior Room is the location on the floors 3 to 6 which isn’t too much of an advantage in my opinion. Nevertheless, the room has a comfortable size and came with a large King Bed with two small bedside tables.

There was also a working table where we found a telephone as well as coffee and tea making facilities. Moreover, the room had a flat-screen television in one corner and a lounging chair right in front of the bed. Something I was surprised of was the small window which made the room quite dark.

Sofitel Athens Airport Luxury Room

We had a good night sleep without any noise

However, I liked the board you could use to completely close the window to get total darkness in the room. Especially as the room was very quiet which is the main argument at an airport hotel, I found the Luxury Room at Sofitel Athens Airport to be totally fine for an overnight stay.

Bathroom at Sofitel Athens Airport

The bathroom of the Luxury Room was one of the most interesting ones I’ve ever seen. The detached toilet is definitely a very nice touch, but doesn’t come with a sink. The bathroom itself has a single sink, a walk-in shower and a bathtub.

Sofitel Athens Airport Bathroom

Tough to take a picture: Interestingly shaped bathroom at Sofitel Athens Airport

Interestingly, the latter is located in a corner behind the shower, making it only accessible when walking through the shower. Due to this location, the bathtub is very private, but may not be ideal for people with claustrophobia.

Anyway, the layout of the bathroom is interesting and definitely not bad. Another surprise to me was that the toiletries at Sofitel Athens Airport are provided by Olive and not by Hermes like in all other Sofitel properties I stayed at so far.

Sofitel Athens Airport Bathroom

Olive Toiletries

Nevertheless, the quality of the amenities wasn’t bad either.

Pool & Gym at Sofitel Athens Airport

Sofitel Athens Airport got a pool and a gym on the highest floor where also the gourmet restaurant is located. The location means that you can enjoy nice views of one of the tarmacs. Nevertheless, I wasn’t totally happy about both facilities.

Sofitel Athens Airport Pool

Pool at Sofitel Athens Airport

The gym is very small and the machines are also dated. For the little room, the different machines and free weights on offer were not bad, but I expect a little more in luxury hotels nowadays.

The pool had a decent size, but the layout is a little strange, making it not ideal for swimming. Another thing that bothered me with the facilities of Sofitel Athens Airport is the fact that there were no comfortable loungers.

The wooden chairs were okay for having a sit, but everything but decent for relaxing.

Dinner at Sofitel Athens Airport

After an exhausting day, we were just looking forward to enjoying a nice drink and a snack in the bar of Sofitel Athens Airport.

Sofitel Athens Airport Dinner

Cocktails at the bar

As a member of Le Club Accor, I was invited to enjoy two cocktails of my choice. We ordered two different versions of a Frozen Strawberry Margarita and enjoyed the drinks very much. As a snack, we decided to have a Pizza Margarita and a Hamburger.

While the meal definitely was nothing to write home about, both dishes actually tasted good. I’ve eaten better burgers and better pizzas in my life, but the dishes were five star standard for sure.

Sofitel Athens Dinner

Snacks at the bar of Sofitel Athens airport

The service though was a little streaky and too slow for my taste, especially for an airport hotel where people tend to be in a hurry.

Breakfast at Sofitel Athens Airport

Our dinner at Sofitel Athens Airport was not bad, so we were looking forward to also enjoy breakfast at the hotel.

Sofitel Athens Airport Breakfast

Set-up for breakfast at Sofitel Athens Airport

As our flight was delayed four hours, we had enough time to fully enjoy the breakfast. We didn’t expect a lot from an airport hotel, but were positively surprised as Sofitel Athens Airport offered very high quality and a decent choice at the breakfast buffet.

Sofitel Athens Airport Breakfast

Breakfast Buffet at Sofitel Athens Airport

Not only was the choice of cold cuts, cheeses, mueslis, yoghurts and fruits very good, but there were also several dishes I didn’t see ever before.

The Greek buffet came with some hot dishes and some cold items which were all flavorful and tasty. The sweet treats, as most Greek desserts, were a little too sweet for my taste.

Sofitel Athens Airport Breakfast

Omelets are freshly prepared by order

Nevertheless, the breakfast at Sofitel Athens Airport which also came with efficient and friendly service was a very positive surprise. Maybe the best breakfast I had at an airport hotel so far!

Bottom line Sofitel Athens Airport

Airport hotels tend to not overwhelm me with a very special experience. Sofitel Athens Airport did neither. At the same time, the standards of the Sofitel chain were definitely fulfilled. While the rooms got an interesting design and layout, they definitely need a refreshment sooner or later.

Sofitel Athens Airport Menu

Menu of the gourmet restaurant

The relaxation facilities are a nice offer, but nothing to write home about either. Our light dinner was anything but bad either and breakfast was a very positive surprise. Overall, I’d definitely return to Sofitel Athens Airport if I got an early departure or an early arrival.

Sofitel Athens Airport Pool

Rooftop pool at Sofitel Athens Airport

That’s especially true as there is no other hotel at Athens Airport that comes even close to the location of Sofitel Athens Airport which is only five minutes away from the terminal by foot!

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