Running in Cape Town

South Africa is not really the perfect destination for everyone who likes running. Nevertheless, I decided to give running in Cape Town a try and was positively surprised. While running in the inner city is pretty much impossible, it was quite nice at the seafront. Even though there are not many dedicated running paths, there’s always a nice route to find.

I was blessed with starting at The Table Bay Hotel Cape Town when running in Cape Town as the luxury hotel is located right at the Waterfront.

  • Distance: 6.5 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 125 Meters
  • Calories burned: 375-425
  • Month: August
  • Weather: Cloudy

This makes it easy to get started on nice routes rather than on one of the many busy streets in the city center of Cape Town.

Running in Cape Town

Map of my run through Cape Town (tracked by Runtastic)

What I wasn’t really lucky with was the weather which was rather streaky. It’s worth admitting that it was winter in South Africa the time I went running, so the weather wasn’t too unexpected.

The ocean and its beauty

Something that makes running in Cape Town very enjoyable is the approximate to the sea.

The Table Bay Hotel Cape Town

My run started at the impressive The Table Bay Hotel

The Table Bay Hotel Cape Town is located right on the promenade which sadly ends just a few hundred meters later.

Running in Cape Town

The ocean was close to me all the time

This meant that I had to run on the street for approximately 500 meters before I got back to the nice promenade which leads to smaller towns like Clifton which are renowned for being the home of the rich and beautiful of Cape Town.

However, this doesn’t come as a surprise as the views you can enjoy on the promenade are absolutely amazing.

Apartment buildings and Signal Hill

A nice fact about the promenade in Cape Town is that you are able to enjoy running right next to the water as the street and the apartment buildings are located on the other side.

Running in Cape Town

Apartment buildings opposite of the promenade

Nevertheless, the views to enjoy out of these apartments must be stunning. While running along the promenade, I was not only to enjoy views of Signal Hill in the background, but also the little beaches which are located in this area.

There are some more in Clifton and further away from the city center, but Cape Town is yet no real beach destination as the water is never getting really warm.

Running in Cape Town

The beaches may not be perfect for swimming, but they are for running

For running in Cape Town, the beaches and the flair is absolutely amazing nevertheless!

Returning to the lighthouse

If you want to enjoy Cape Town’s natural beauty and the beaches of the city while running along the promenade, it is recommendable to return to the city at the lighthouse which is not very big, but beautiful nevertheless.

Cape Town Lighthouse

The small Cape Town Lighthouse

Like this, you can enjoy a leisurely run for which you don’t need to be overly athletic. At the lighthouse, you can find a little amusement park for kids which reminds of the past of the area.

Dozens of years back in time, this area of Cape Town was connected with the city center with a tram. Nowadays, there is only the little child train left.

Somerset, Stadium and Waterfront

On the way back, you can surely admire the beaches and the sea once again, but I’d recommend to also have a look at the right.

You’ll most likely see the impressive World Cup Stadium all the time. It looks a little displaced in the setting, but is beautiful from the outside nevertheless.

Cape Town Stadium

Cape Town Stadium

Afterwards, you’ll also be able to enjoy a view of the interesting Somerset Hospital which is located in a castle like building.

Last but not least, I’d recommend to run at the V.A. Waterfront which is a mixture of a shopping area, a restaurant area and an amusement park.

Like this, you’ll see many amazing sides of Cape Town just by running! There’s rarely any better way to enjoy this part of Cape Town!


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  1. Awesome! I run in Nicaragua, despite the street harassment (which is usually deterred when I put headphones on, but not always). I just applied for a research Fulbright to study art therapy in Cape Town, and should know next year if I get it!

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