Airline Review: British Airways (regional Economy)

British Airways was one of the airlines on our list for a long time. Just a few weeks after testing the British Airways service operated by Comair in South Africa, we were keen on trying the mainline in Great Britain. Flying with the Airbus A320 jet in Economy Class from Munich to London was surprisingly enjoyable. Modern seats, solid food and friendly service made our flight a very good one!

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British Airways serves several regional Economy routes throughout Europe.

  • Airplane: Airbus A320
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Morning
  • Food: Breakfast
  • Seat Pitch: 30 Inch (76 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17 Inch (43 Centimeter)

Pretty much every time you search for a flight in Europe, you are offered the possibility to fly via London. Instead of paying, we decided to use some Avios we had left for a little journey to Manchester via London.

British Airways A320

The A320 is one of the most used planes of regional flights of British Airways

In the aftermath, it was quite a surprise for me how good the regional Economy Class of British Airways was compared to the Business Class on a comparable route which we’ll review later.

Seating in the British Airways A320

After learning more about the stone-age configuration of British Airways while flying Comair, we were pleasantly surprised by the fresh look of the British Airways Airbus A320 when boarding our flight in Munich.

British Airways A320 Economy Seating

Seating in the British Airways regional Economy

The dark blue leather seats looked brand new and were also quite comfortable. The seat pitch in Economy Class is decent, too. While the seat width is nothing to write home about, this didn’t come as a surprise as all airlines use a 3-3 configuration on European flights.

While the plane looked very new and the design was tasteful, the cleaning was most definitely a weakness. The plane was anything but thoroughly cleaned which lowered our impression with the British Airways regional Economy a little bit. Something to work on for British Airways!

Food in the British Airways A320

Our departure time early in the morning meant that we were to be served breakfast on the flight. Even though Sabrina decided to take a nap and skip breakfast, I gave the offerings a try.

British Airways regional Economy catering

Breakfast in the British Airways Economy Class

British Airways still serves a snack and a drink free of charge when flying the regional Economy Class. In this case, I was served a croissant with bacon, cheese and tomato as well as some packaged orange juice. I was also able to choose a drink and decided to just have some sparkling water.

British Airways regional Economy catering

The croissant was actually quite tasty

Even though the food was not rich for a flight of more than two hours, it was totally fine for that time of the day. The croissant itself was surprisingly fluffy and tasty. No five stars, but totally fine to me!

Entertainment in the British Airways A320

British Airways may be the former flag carrier of Great Britain, but the newspaper offerings were non-existing nevertheless. No Guardian, no Telegraph, not even the Sun was offered by British Airways in Economy Class.

British Airways A320

Overhead monitors in the British Airways A320

Instead, there were two magazines as well as the board shop magazine available at the seat. “Business Life” and “High Life” are two surprisingly interesting magazines compared to what other airlines offer. There were also overhead monitors showing the route of the flight.

British Airways regional Economy entertainment

Magazines in the British Airways Economy Class

Wi-Fi was not available in the British Airways A320. Overall, the choice of entertainment options was not really satisfying for a network carrier like British Airways. Lufthansa for example offers superior products on similar flights in this regard.

Bottom line British Airways A320

Our British Airways regional Economy was anything but bad. We were quite tired early in the morning and didn’t really care of the shortage of entertainment options. Even though we were not hungry either, I tried the offered croissant and was pleasantly surprised. Seating in the British Airways Airbus A320 is quite comfortable, too. One of the few negative aspects is the cleaning which definitely has to be done more carefully, especially when considering that this was the first flight that morning. Nevertheless, I’d definitely fly the British Airways regional Economy again and actually find it not any worse than the British Airways regional Business Class which we’ll review later.

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8 Comments on “Airline Review: British Airways (regional Economy)”

  1. We’ve flown with BA several time now and found the airline to be good in most things. I can’t say the flights we’ve been on have been noticeably unclean but I agree about the lack of newspapers. Free drinks etc. is definitely a bonus and the seat width is adequate (although perhaps a tight squeeze for any one large).The breakfasts are just as you say, and fill a gap for a while. The staff are always extremely helpful too. Thank you for the interesting review. 🙂

    • Totally agree on all you say. I didn’t regret choosing British Airways, too. The Economy Class was even better than I expected, while the Business Class was extremly disappointing. I’ll release a review on this one later 🙂

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