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Hermanus is a very small town in South Africa about 100 km away from Cape Town. Technically, it is known as the city for whale watchers. However, unlike many other beautiful spots in South Africa, Hermanus turned out to be a real tourist magnet.

When we planned our trip in South Africa this August which means winter, we were very keen on visiting Hermanus. Not because of Hermanus per se, but for the fact of a whale watcher’s paradise.

Hermanus South Africa

Admittedly, it has beautiful beaches and rocks at its coast where seagulls are home.

Hermanus South Africa

Hermanus South Africa

Seagulls seem to love Hermanus’ atmosphere

Unfortunately, Hermanus turned out to be a touristic hotspot. If you are looking for accomodation in Hermanus, you might check out AccommoDirect. In Hermanus, you can find hotels at the beachfront, many restaurants, some looking like tourist traps. Not the natural beauty we saw so far…

Hotel Hermanus

I have to admit that the nature around definitely is breathtaking. But when it came to whales, we were obviously given the wrong information.

Breathtaking views of the sea are simply not enough when you are looking for whales. It turned out we were given wrong information about whales being there.

Sea Hermanus South Africa

Sea Hermanus South Africa

It was said that they can be seen from July to December, which is just not true. In August, it was a way better decision to drive to the De Hoop Nature Reserve.

De Hoop National Park South Africa

There is a point called Koppie Alleen where whales can be seen in August – guaranteed!

De Hoop Nature Reserve

De Hoop Nature Reserve


It took just seconds until we were able to see the first one in the Nature Reserve. So if you visit Hermanus in order to see whales, it better be October! Otherwise, you will just be as disappointed as we were. Yet, you’ll definitely enjoy the beautiful beaches and the coastline of Hermanus!


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  1. A comprehensive review with superb photos of the beautiful scenery. I just wonder why the information about whale-spotting was incorrect. At least you did get to see them at the De Hoop Nature Reserve.

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