Airport Guide: Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport is the biggest airport in Germany and the third biggest airport in Europe. With four runways, two terminals and nearly 60 million served passengers in 2014, Frankfurt Airport is of enormous importance for air transportation in Germany. Frankfurt Airport serves as a base for the biggest German carrier Lufthansa and has several different shopping and dining areas.

Frankfurt Airport got two large passenger terminals, both with several different areas. Terminal 1 is the more important one of the two terminals as it is Lufthansa’s home base.


Lufthansa is by far the most important carrier at Frankfurt Airport

Terminal 1 is also used by several airlines besides Lufthansa including all Star Alliance partners, holiday airline Condor and a few other airlines including LAN, Qatar Airways and TAM. Terminal 2 is used by all other airlines including most oneworld, SkyTeam and independent airlines.

Most important carriers at Frankfurt Airport:

  • Lufthansa: More than hundred national and international destinations
  • Condor: Dozens of holiday destinations all over the world
  • United Airline: Five destinations in the United States

Shops and restaurants at Frankfurt Airport

Due to its enormous size, Frankfurt Airport is a real paradise for everyone who loves shopping and dining.

Shop Frankfurt Airport

One of many shops at Frankfurt Airport

There are dozens of restaurants offering cuisine from all over the world as well as a choice of more than hundred bistros, cafés and fast food shops. When it comes to shopping, the choice is similarly endless with most brands, especially luxury ones, having stores at Frankfurt Airport.

Restaurant Frankfurt AIrport

You can choose between hundreds of restaurants

Passengers can find several shops not only in one, but in both terminals. There’s rarely anything you can’t get at Frankfurt Airport!

Sleeping at Frankfurt Airport

If you got an overnight stay while transiting at Frankfurt Airport or got an early departure, you may make use of the possibility to sleep at Frankfurt Airport. Be aware of the fact that there are no operations at Frankfurt Airport from 11 pm to 6 am which means that only a few shops are opened at nighttime and security checkpoints are closed during this time.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport

There are several hotels directly opposite of Frankfurt Airport

Nevertheless, you can make use of nabcaps and other facilities at the airport to catch some sleep. Surely, you can also sleep on one of the benches in the departure hall or in the security area. Besides, there are also several airport hotels located right across the terminal and the approximate. Two important names are the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport and the Hilton Frankfurt Airport.

Lounges at Frankfurt Airport

There are several lounges at Frankfurt Airport which you can use prior departure. Lufthansa alone offers its passengers more than ten lounges. While passengers flying First Class or holding the HON Circle Status may access all lounges including the renowned First Class Terminal, passengers holding a Status Alliance Gold status may access the Senator Lounges.

Lufthansa Business Lounge Frankfurt B44 Seating

Lufthansa offers its passengers several different lounges at Frankfurt Airport

Business Class passengers and Lufthansa FTL members are allowed to access the Business Lounges only. There’s also a Star Alliance lounge operated by Air Canada at Terminal 1. Moreover, there are several other lounges including independent lounges as well as oneworld and SkyTeam lounges. Some of these lounges may be accessed either by paying an entrance fee or having a Priority Pass membership.

Lounges at Frankfurt Airport:

  • Air Canada Lounge (*A F, *A BC, *A Gold)
  • Air France Lounge (ST F, ST BC, ST Elite)
  • Cathay Pacific Lounge (OW F, OW BC, OW Emerald, OW Sapphire)
  • Emirates Lounge (EK F, EK BC, EK Platinum, EK Gold)
  • Etihad Airways Lounge (EY F, EY BC, EY Gold, EY Silver, $)
  • Iberia Lounge (OW F, OW BC, OW Emerald, OW Sapphire)
  • Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge (OW F, OW BC, OW Emerald, OW Sapphire)
  • Lufthansa Lounges (different access criteria)
  • LUXX Lounge (selected airlines BC, PP, $)
  • Sky Lounge (selected airlines BC, PP, $)

Transportation at Frankfurt Airport

Public transportation at Frankfurt Airport is absolutely worldclass. There is a train station with regional and long distance connections to all major German and even several international metropolises like Brussels or Amsterdam. The regional services with are either operated by regional trains or the S-Bahn connecting the airport not only with the city center of Frankfurt, but also with other cities in the approximate like Wiesbaden, Hanau or Mainz.

Bus Frankfurt Airport

There are also a few bus connections to the city

The journey to the city center takes just ten minutes and is relatively cheap for German standards. Frankfurt Airport is also accessible by bus and taxi, but none of the means of transport is as fast as the trains are. Taxis are way more expensive than the trains, too.

  • Regional and S-Bahn trains take between 9 and 12 minutes to Frankfurt Central Station
  • The price for a single train ride to Frankfurt Central Station is 4.55 Euro (~ 5.10 US-Dollar)
  • Taxi rides take 20 to 30 miuntes and cost approximately 40 Euro (~ 45 US-Dollar)


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  3. You confused Terminal 1 with Terminal 2! Terminal 1 is the important terminal and Lufthansas base and used by most Star Alliance. Terminal 1 is also much much larger than T2.
    In the lounges section you forgot to mention Lufthansas “First Class Terminal” Which is a quite unique feature for first class passengers.
    You should also mention the train station at/in the airport which is also full of shops and dinging opportunity.
    Another nice feature of the airport ist the rental car section: despite the size of the airport, you can walk to your rental car (and do not have to take a shuttle bus like in LHR or LAX). In fact the renal cars parking garage is even closer to the terminal then the normal parking spaces.

    • Thank you for your comment! You are absolutely right concerning the terminals. I somehwat had Munich in mind (there it is the different way round).

      Talking about the FCT: I mentioned it in the text, but as it is of minor importance for the normal traveler, I didn’t feel like including it in the list (the access is limited to so few passengers anyway)

      Both, the train station and the car rental section at the airport are amazing indeed. There’s rarely any airport which is as “worldclass” as Frankfurt in this regard!

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