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A-Rosa Scharmützelsee is a luxury hotel located one hour away from Berlin right at the Scharmützelsee in Brandenburg. The hotel has a beautiful location, but is currently in a renovation process. We were lucky enough to secure a modern room which was tastefully decorated. Something we utterly enjoyed was the nice Spa area which is among the best in Germany for sure!

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The location of A-Rosa Scharmützelsee may be a blind point for international travelers.

  • Classification: None
  • Room Category: Executive Room
  • Month of Stay: July

Located one hour away from Berlin at one of the largest lakes in Brandenburg, the hotel is a peaceful retreat far away from everything else.

A-Rosa Scharmützelsee is renowned for its golf courses, but is a great retreat for everyone seeking relaxed holidays, too.

Yet, you should definitely check whether the room category you are about to book is renovated!

Executive Room at A-Rosa Scharmützelsee

We decided to book the lowest room category at A-Rosa Scharmützelsee as we didn’t expect to spend much time in the room anyway.

A-Rosa Scharmützelsee Executive Room

First view of the Executive Room at A-Rosa Scharmützelsee

The Executive Room at A-Rosa Scharmützelsee comes with a rather boring view either of the entrance of the hotel or the woods, but offers a nice little balcony to enjoy the sun or breath some fresh air.

All Executive Rooms are already renovated which means that we found a room with a fresh design when entering.

A-Rosa Scharmützelsee Executive Room

Balcony and view

The room was definitely not large in size with just the bed, two bedside tables, an armchair, a small working desk, a working chair and a television finding a spot in the room.

Nevertheless, the large window and the modern design made the room look bright and fresh. I’d say the Executive Room at A-Rosa Scharmützelsee is totally fine if you are mainly spending time in the hotels facilities rather than in the room.

Bathroom at A-Rosa Scharmützelsee

What’s definitely not five star standard (the hotel has no classification as of now) is the bathroom.

A-Rosa Scharmützelsee Executive Room

Bathroom of the Executive Room at A-Rosa Scharmützelsee

Especially at holiday properties, we are used to amazing bathrooms. Good examples are The Chedi Andermatt or Grand Hotel Heiligendamm. At A-Rosa Scharmützelsee instead, the Executive Room came with an extremely small bathroom which was left out in the renovation process.

A shower-bath combo on the one side of the bathroom, the toilet on the other side and a single sink in the middle.

A-Rosa Scharmützelsee Executive Room

Toiletries at A-Rosa Scharmützelsee

Even though everything was spotlessly clean, I can’t say I was amused to find such a small and dated bathroom in a luxury property like A-Rosa Scharmützelsee.

Relaxation at A-Rosa Scharmützelsee

If you want to enjoy your stay at A-Rosa Scharmützelsee to the fullest, you definitely have to make use of the relaxation facilities.

A-Rosa Scharmützelsee Spa

First view of the relaxation area at A-Rosa Scharmützelsee

Not only have these been refurbished lately, but the facilities are also extremely extensive and inviting. There’s one large indoor-outdoor pool combo which you can access from the inside and the outside alike. This one is great for both, lap and just relaxed swimming.

The number of loungers is absolutely sufficient as there are dozens of loungers around the indoor area and also around the outdoor pool.

The loungers themselves are also quite comfortable. Yet, we absolutely fell in love with the relaxation room which is not only peacefully tranquil and even equipped with blankets, but also has a great view of the woods and really makes you feel like you are on holiday!

Other facilities definitely worth mentioning is the sauna world which comes with different saunas and a steam bath (all modern and in a good condition), the new relaxation pool (no kids) with underwater music and the well-equipped gym with several state-of-the-art machines and also relaxing views of the woods.

Overall, a Spa area to enjoy to the utmost. If you like even more relaxation, you can surely book a treatment, too!

Dinner at A-Rosa Scharmützelsee

A-Rosa Scharmützelsee comes with two restaurants. As we booked half-board, we had dinner in the main restaurant which serves a buffet.

A-Rosa Scharmützelsee Lunch

We also enjoyed some good spaghetti by the pool

There’s also a gourmet restaurant right by the water which comes with an extra charge.

A-Rosa Scharmützelsee Gourmet Restaurant

Gourmet Restaurant of A-Rosa Scharmützelsee

Even though the buffet restaurant sounds like the worse choice, it is not in our opinion. Even though the restaurant itself is a little dated, the food was surprisingly good.

A-Rosa Scharmützelsee Dinner

Set-up for dinner at A-Rosa Scharmützelsee

The buffet consisted of an extensive selection of cold and warm starters, several different warm dishes which were freshly prepared on live cooking stations and a great desert buffet.

We didn’t have problems with cold food or any tasteless dish at any time. The service was very German, but efficient and friendly which made our dinner a surprisingly good experience.

Even though I’m no fan of buffet-style restaurants, I have to admit that we had a great time at A-Rosa Scharmützelsee in this regard.

Breakfast at A-Rosa Scharmützelsee

The breakfast buffet at A-Rosa Scharmützelsee is served at the same restaurant, but as the weather was very good, we decided to have a seat on the terrace this time.

A-Rosa Scharmützelsee Breakfast

Breakfast on the terrace of A-Rosa Scharmützelsee is very enjoyable

The views of the lake and the calm atmosphere make breakfast in this location a really nice experience. I doubt that breakfast is as tranquil and peaceful in the inside, too. The buffet itself was once again extensive and had everything we were looking forward to.

Even for German standards which are quite high when it comes to breakfast, the buffet spread was absolutely decent. Egg dishes were prepared freshly on the live cooking station and all items on the buffet were replenished quickly.

A-Rosa Scharmützelsee Breakfast

Hot dishes are also available on the buffet

Service was a little weaker this time as the plates didn’t get cleared at any time. Yet, my cappuccino and Sabrina’s tea came quick.

Bottom line at A-Rosa Scharmützelsee

Before booking a room at A-Rosa Scharmützelsee, you should take a few things into account. First of all, weather is a little streaky in Brandenburg which means that there’s anything but a sun guaranty even in summer.

Moreover, Scharmützelsee is no beach destination which means that a trip to A-Rosa Scharmützelsee should be rather about Spa, nature or golf than beach vacation. That said, you should be aware of the fact that not all rooms are renovated yet and the sea view is obstructed in many rooms.

A-Rosa Scharmützelsee Forest

A-Rosa Scharmützelsee is a great hotel for hikers and runners

Even though I even found the renovated Superior Room just average, I’d return to A-Rosa Scharmützelsee if the price is good as the relaxation area is maybe the best one in this area of Germany and the dining as well as the breakfast experience were absolutely decent!

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